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10 Cool Thermal Imaging Videos You Need to See NOW

Thermal Imaging Cameras have come a long way in the last decade or so. These cameras have multiple applications and are currently being applied across different industries.

Did you know that almost everything around us, regardless of whether it is living or non-living, is emitting some form of thermal energy at all times? We guess life would be a lot simpler if we could see thermal energy being emitted by the things around us with our naked eye. However, unfortunately that isn’t the case, and this is where thermal cameras step into the picture.

In this article we look at 10 of the best thermal imaging videos to give you an indication of how these cameras work and to look at their funky sides:

1. Snow Is Cold

This video adds a new touch to how we view winters and the snow that comes with it. The video shows how the body of an athlete responds to snow, and how the colors across their body change over time.

2. Your Life in Thermal

This video by Buzzfeed shows the life of an average individual in thermal. The use of a thermal camera adds new colors and shapes to your life, which is why the results achieved here are fascinating for viewers who haven’t used a thermal camera before.

3. Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

This informative video compares the results of thermal imaging with night vision. The differences between the two are clearly visible here and help us distinguish between the both of them.

4. Thermal and Its Applications

This informative video by a private YouTube handle does a good job at exploring and mentioning the applications of thermal cameras. The video also explains thermal technology to you and shows results for you to learn from.

5. Thermal Imaging and Infrared Thermometer

We have already distinguished between thermal imaging and night vision above, and this video helps clarify the difference between thermal imaging and infrared thermometer. The good part here is that it is easy to acquire the knowledge you want, due to the informative style at play here.

6. Being Fun and Adventurous

Fact is that thermal imaging has a lot of formal applications, but there is nothing stopping you from having some fun with the camera. This video teaches you some wild thermal imaging tricks, and how you can follow them with your own camera.

7. Thermal Imaging Goggles

Thermal imaging goggles really are a thing, and this video helps explore the cool and fun world of these goggles. Not many people know about them since they are new, but this video does a good job at introducing you to them.

8. Thermal Imaging and Electrical Work

The biggest application of thermal imaging lies in electrical work, and this video tells you some cool tricks and diagnostic methods. We love how the video covers certain tricks at a rudimentary level to give you an introduction.

9. A New Take

It surely is interesting to see fun YouTubers trying out thermal imaging cameras for the first time. This video shows a YouTuber trying out thermal imaging for the first time and giving an indication of how it can be used.

10. Energy Efficiency

This cool YouTube video discovers the uses of thermal imaging cameras to improve energy efficiency inside your home. Study more about thermal imaging cameras today and improve the energy bills inside your home.

All of these fun thermal imaging videos give you a fresh take on these interesting cameras and introduce you to their applications in a fun and cool manner. See these videos now and learn about the wacky side of thermal cameras.

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