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10 Cool Thermal Videos Shot Through Thermal Binoculars

Thermal binoculars and thermal cameras add a unique perspective to the way we look at the world around us.

For those of you who don’t have thermal imaging equipment to boast, here are some thermal binocular videos to add to your knowledge.

1. Thermal Binoculars from N-Vision Optics

N-Vision has some of the best thermal binoculars in the market and this YouTuber unboxes his collection by showing you the results of these binoculars. This video is a decent learning curve if you are new to thermal binoculars.

2. ATLAS Thermal Binoculars

ATLAS thermal binoculars by N-vision are particularly famous, and these binoculars give you a fascinating perspective of the world around you. Some of the details in the video output are amazing.

3. Results from the Accolade XP50 LRF Range

The Pulsar Accolade XP50 LRF range is famous in the world of thermal binoculars. These YouTubers grouped together to form a team and headed out to test their new equipment. The results are great and you’ll definitely learn a lot about thermal binoculars through this video.

4. What Your Life Looks Like in Thermal?

This interesting Buzzfeed video takes a look at our life in thermal. The results in this video are fascinating and cool. Some of the activities we do, look completely different through a thermal lens.

5. What if we all had Thermal Vision?

Have you ever wondered how the world around you would be if we just had thermal vision? When we didn’t need any lights? This video takes a look at what life would have been like if we had thermal vision around us.

6. Wildlife Videos from a Thermal Binocular

This video shows in-depth detail of wild animals captured through a thermal lens. This surely gives a unique perspective to things around us and will amaze you with the difference in normal vision and thermal vision.

7. Difference between Thermal and Night Vision 

Many of us want to know the difference between thermal and night vision binoculars. Well, this video answers all your questions and displays results from both set of binoculars.

8. Throwing Caution to the Wind

There is nothing interesting and fun about people farting in public, but this video shows it in a fun and thermal way. Thermal cameras capture every bit of the warm caution being thrown to the wind.

9. Pulsar Thermal Binocular Result  

This video shows the results you get from thermal binoculars. The YouTuber filming the scene tracks a pizza delivery boy leaving in a unique manner.

10. Monitoring a Herd of Deer through Thermal Binoculars

This video shows just how perfect thermal cameras and binoculars can be when it comes to monitoring your deer herd and researching bedding areas and travel patterns. Maintain the health and patterns of your deer herd during off season.

Thermal binoculars serve a specific purpose for farmers, enthusiasts and healthcare workers. Some of the cool thermal binocular videos in this article will surely spin your heads.

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