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Thermal scopes for hunting

10 Coolest Thermal Scope Hog Hunting Videos EVER

Hog infestations are pretty common across much of the South of America. Hogs enter fields during night time and destroy crops among other damages. Farmers from this part of the world use thermal scopes as a way to kill hogs and keep them away from the fields.

In this article we look at some thermal scope feral hog hunting videos. Go through the video content here and look at the process in full.

1. Hunting 107 Hogs

This hog hunting video shows over 100 hogs being shot down through the use of a night vision camera. The camera makes it easy for farmers to identify and hunt down hogs when things are hard to see at night.

2. Wild Boar Hunting With Thermal Camera

Wild hog hunting doesn’t get better than this. Thermal cameras make it easy for farmers to identify hogs at night time and then shoot them. This video explains the process from start to finish.

3. Insane Hog Hunting Video

This insane hog hunting video shows almost 20 hogs from one group targeted by farmers in the south. The image quality of the thermal camera is amazing and goes to prove how easy the process is with new technology.

4. Hunting With AR15s, Silencers and Thermal Scopes

Hog hunting can become a lot easier when you have an AR-15 loaded with silencers and a thermal scope to help you track them down. This video takes you through the process of hog hunting.

5. Best Thermal Scopes for Hog Hunting

Hog hunting sure can be a trouble without the right thermal scope. This video gives you an in-depth look at some of the best thermal scopes you can have for your hog hunting sessions.

6. Nothing Clearer Than This

This certainly has to be the clearest hog hunting video on the internet. Hunters sure use thermal scopes to their advantage to track down hogs and coyotes in this thrilling, action-filled video.

7. Thermal Rifle Scopes

Thermal rifle scopes make hog hunting a lot easier, as you can look through the scope to identify hogs at night time. This video shows 43 hogs being killed through a thermal scope rifle.

8. ARs and Thermal Scopes

This interesting video from Texas shows hogs being hunted down using thermal scopes and ARs. The thermal scopes make identification easier, while the ARs ensure to complete what has started.

9. Clarity of Thermal Imaging Scope

This hog hunting video shows the clarity of the results using an ATN ThOR 640 5 X 30 Hz thermal imaging rifle scope. The scope helps target hogs at a distance of up to 100 yards easily.

10. Pulsar Trail XP50

The Pulsar Trail XP50 surely is one of the best scopes going around when it comes to hunting hogs in clarity. This video shows the clarity of the scope in full display, as hogs fall down left, right and center.

Hog hunting is a preventive measure farmers in the South take to stop the destruction hogs can cause. We hope you enjoyed these thermal scope feral hog hunting videos as much as we did.

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