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Best Night Vision Camcorders For Ghost Hunting: Top Picks & Reviews

Looking for a night vision camcorder to keep an eye on supernatural activity? 

We have you covered.

Remember watching ghost busting TV shows as kids? Yes, they scared us, but we never quit watching for the fun and excitement. If you’ve taken inspiration from such shows and have decided to go ghost hunting yourself, the first thing you need is a night vision camcorder. 

Camcorders are small consumer electronic devices that can record both audio and video. They produce great results during the day.

But if you want quality results at night, too, a good night vision camcorder is the right option. They are full spectrum devices that can record clear video even when it is dark.

So if you want to go on a ghost hunt, choose one of the best night vision camcorders for ghost hunting.

What’s In This Guide?

This article is all about the best night vision camcorders for ghost hunting. It includes detailed reviews of our top picks as well as a buying guide to help you choose better. You can also pair it with the best cheap night vision goggles to help you see better.

Best 5 Night Vision Camcorders for Ghost Hunting

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Sony HXRMC50U Ultra Compact AVCHD Camcorder
  • Sony HXRMC50U Ultra Compact AVCHD Camcorder

  • Best for Professional Use
  • Resolution:

  • Storage:
    Hard drive and external memory card

  • Weight:
    3.65 pounds

  • Type:
    Hard Disk Drive Camcorder

  • Connections:

Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder
  • Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder

  • Best for the Money
  • Resolution:
    1080p, 4K

  • Storage:
    Memory card

  • Weight:
    3.52 pounds

  • Type:
    Flash Memory Camcorder

  • Connections:

Panasonic 4K Cinema-Like Video Camera Camcorder HC-WXF991K
  • Panasonic 4K Cinema-Like Video Camera Camcorder HC-WXF991K

  • Best for Video Recording
  • Resolution:
    1080p, 4K

  • Storage:
    Memory card

  • Weight:
    14.2 ounces

  • Type:
    Flash Memory Camcorder

  • Connections:
    HDMI, USB, WiFi

LINNSE Video Camera 4K Camcorder Vlogging Camera with Microphone
  • LINNSE Video Camera 4K Camcorder Vlogging Camera with Microphone

  • Best for YouTube Video recording
  • Resolution:
    1080p, 2.7K, 4K

  • Storage:
    Memory card

  • Weight:
    9.70 ounces

  • Type:
    Flash Memory Camcorder

  • Connections:

Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera
  • Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera

  • Best for Remote Control Operation
  • Resolution:
    4K, 2.7K, 720p, 1080p

  • Storage:
    Memory card

  • Weight:
    0.176 ounces

  • Type:
    Flash Memory Camcorder

  • Connections:
    HDMI, USB,Wifi

1. Best for Professional Use: Sony HXRMC50U Ultra Compact AVCHD Camcorder

camera for ghost hunting

Sony is a well-known and respected player in the camera market. Pioneer of many technologies, Sony came up with HXRMC50U as a compact counterpart of its big brother cameras. The portable unit has all the features to rival any full-sized camcorder. 

It is one of the best camcorders for ghost hunting and not just because of its night vision. It also has all the functions of a professional, high-sensitivity video camera that, too, inside a compact, easy-to-hold body. 


  • Wide-angle professional-quality lens offers excellent clarity.
  • Can capture still images while recording video.
  • Equipped with a precise autofocus system. 
  • Features a back-illuminated sensor that reduces noise even in low light conditions.
  • The 3.5-inch display has high contrast and brightness.


  • Autofocus does not function well in low light conditions.
  • Menu is a tad difficult to navigate through.

Our Review

Undoubtedly, Sony HXRMC50U is the best for professional use because of its amazing features. The first thing is its compact and lightweight design.

Both these features make this an excellent choice for shooting on the go. With precise autofocus and a huge internal memory, this is certainly a worthy contender. 

For ghost hunting trips, the Sony Ultra Compact camcorder has a lot to offer. It has an infrared night vision mode and a back-illuminated sensor that is extremely sensitive to low light conditions.

You can manually adjust the focus according to your requirements. It helps reduce noise and records an exceptionally clear video, even in the darkest situation.

The Sony camcorder also comes with an external shotgun microphone to help improve audio quality.


We did notice a few limitations in this Sony camcorder. The first is its menu. We found it a bit difficult to navigate through.

Some of the more useful functions were deep inside, yet you can set them up separately in the favorites options.

You might also need to set the focus manually in low light conditions as the autofocus loses precision in the dark. 

Bottom Line 

The Sony HXRMC50U Ultra-Compact camcorder is one of the best models to take with you on your next ghost hunting expedition.

With its huge internal memory and long battery life, you can record up to six hours of continuous footage without a hitch. And with its exceptional sensor performance, you will get a clear and high-quality video. 

2. Best for the Money: Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder 

best night vision camcorder to get

Ordro is an award-winning manufacturer of electronic devices. Its product lineup ranges from cameras and camcorders to cell phones and tablets. The brand has been around for a while and has received multiple honors and patents for its strict quality control.

The Ordro AC3 is a reliable and easy-to-use camcorder. With the tons of accessories it comes with and high-quality performance, it is a strong contender for your choice. The remote control operation also adds more value to the entire package. 


  • Comes as a complete kit with a carry case.
  • One of the more affordable units. 
  • Produces clear images with its infrared night vision.
  • Features a lightweight and portable design.
  • Supports remote control operation and Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Shotgun microphone cable gets in the way.
  • Does not produce a clear image when you zoom in.

Our Review

night vision camcorder reviews

The thing we love most about the Ordro C3 4K camcorder is that it is a complete kit. Even beginners will take no time in producing professional-level videos with this device.

It comes with multiple components and accessories, like a detachable shotgun microphone, a lens hood, two batteries, U-shaped bendable handle, and remote control, to name a few. 

We think that the AC3 camcorder is great for ghost hunting because it has a built-in Sony high-sensitivity sensor. It sensitively treats complex light and works with infrared night vision to produce clear and visible footage.

Switch to the night mode with the press of a button and enjoy remote control operation for a better shooting experience. Also, its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to directly share your images and videos. 


The only problem is that the detachable mic that comes with it is not thoughtfully designed. Once you install it, the cord keeps coming in the way.

Plus, when you use the digital zoom, the image quality drops considerably. The optical zoom is great, but you have to keep the digital zoom to a minimum. Also, the menu has a learning curve before you can navigate through it perfectly. 

Bottom Line

We really like this Ordro camcorder for its amazing features and accessories. It is a complete kit, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional accessories.

The night vision is clear, and with the external mic installed, you don’t have to worry about sound quality either. Using its remote control feature, you can simply set it up and hunt ghosts from a safe distance. 

ghost hunting video camera

Panasonic is an old name in the electronics market. Generations of users have used their products for decades. They have become quite popular, and many consumers trust them for their quality and performance.

HC-WXF991K is one of Panasonic's flagship products. It has a well-thought-out design to provide users with the best features and video quality. It ranks high on our list because of its clear imagery, excellent zoom, and long battery


  • Features a durable and sturdy construction. 
  • Zooms in and out smoothly.
  • Battery charges quickly and lasts long.
  • Delivers clear videos even in low lighting.
  • Has a touchscreen display.


  • Quite heavy and bulky for a camcorder.
  • Comes at a higher price.

Our Review

The name for the Panasonic 4K video camcorder includes the term ‘cinema-like’ for a reason. This camcorder can capture ultra-sharp 4K videos. With this in your hand, you will never miss the slightest detail. 

Furthermore, using its Electronic View Finder (EVF), you can focus on different parts of the video. So, you can say goodbye to blurry, undetailed videos with this reliable camcorder.

It even has three separate settings for low light and night vision. Take it with you on a ghost hunt and experience clear, sharp, and detailed videos. 

Unlike other camcorders available on the market, it features a nifty rear-camera on the edge of the LCD viewfinder. This allows it to rotate back or towards the side to capture what’s happening there. The feature is excellent for reaction recording. 


In comparison to all the other models on the list, the Panasonic 4K camcorder is both heavy and bulky.

So you must be mindful of this fact while handling it in the dark. Also, it costs higher than many other units, so keep an eye on your budget before finalizing the purchase. 

Bottom Line 

If you want a detailed video of your ghost hunt, look into getting the Panasonic 4K HC-WXF991K. It guarantees ultra-sharp, high-quality video.

Even when you shoot in dim lighting, it will capture clear and visible footage with its infrared night vision. Plus, with its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily share your videos. 

best night vision video camera

Linnse gained fame as a seller on Amazon’s USA marketplace. Amongst various other products, it is well-known for selling high-quality yet affordable electronic devices. The Linnse Video Camera 4K Camcorder Vlogging Camera is the proof. 

This camcorder is very suitable for ghost hunting. It is lightweight, easy to use, remotely operable, and produces sharp and high-quality footage even when it is pitch black. It also comes with multiple accessories that make it easier to use. 


  • Features a flash built into the lens frame .
  • Comes at a very affordable price. 
  • Can also function as a webcam.
  • Has a touch screen LCD display.
  •  Also has an electronic anti-shake function


  • Display size is smaller than competitive models.
  • Instructions are vague and lacking .

Our Review

For its price, the Linnse 4K video camera is a well-equipped camcorder. It allows users to switch between 1080p, 2.7K, and 4K resolutions.

The zoom capability is 18x with a smooth in and out movement. The focus is 3.3 feet, and it also has an electronic anti-shake function for better videography. Furthermore, the device comes with a detachable external mic to improve sound quality. 

With its infrared night vision feature, you can use it to record your ghost hunting videos. It produces high-definition videos and images, even in complete darkness. Moreover, it supports an external fill light fixture that you can use to light up the place for more detailed footage.


The two limitations you should know about the Linnse camcorder are its small display size and lacking instructions.

In comparison to the other units that feature a 3.5-inch display, this camcorder has a relatively smaller 3-inch display. We also suggest that you try it out a few times before taking it out for the real shoot.

Since reading the instructions alone is not enough to master the gadget, you have to pass through a learning curve to get it to work as you like. 

Bottom Line

If you want a high-quality yet affordable camcorder to accompany you on your ghost hunting trips, look no further than the Linnse 4K camcorder.

It is high in both quality and features and produces high-definition videos that are not difficult to gauge. Even if you use it in complete darkness, it will please you with its result. 

5. Best for Remote Control Operation: Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera

infrared camcorders

The name Seree has recently popped up on the budget camera and camcorder scene, and it has put out some excellent products. 

The Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera is a good device for absolute beginners. It supports variable resolution with a decent night vision. It also features a 360° remote control operation, which works over a high range, making it a great camcorder for ghost hunting


  • Touchscreen input improves function control.
  • IR Night Vision facilitates night-time shooting.
  • Simple and very easy to operate. 
  • The remote control has a whooping range of 65.6 feet.
  • Lightweight body is portable and easy to maneuver


  • IR night vision is effective up to five meters.
  • The camera has a fixed focus.

Our Review

The Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera is one of the best camcorders for ghost hunting you can opt for.

Unlike other fancier options on this list, this is a pretty basic model, yet it features one of the best night vision support. The Seree camera features a remote control that rivals most high-end models.

It is compact and very light in weight. Furthermore, it comes at a very affordable price that will tempt you to make the purchase. 

A good aspect of its video recording is the pause option. You can pause the recording at any time and continue from that point without having to create a second file.

Although the Seree vlogging camera does not come with a built-in hard drive, you can use it with an external memory card.

The night vision works fine and the external mic can easily pick up faint noises. All of these certainly make it a great night vision camcorder for ghost hunting. 


Although the Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera itself is a decent device, it has its limitations.

First, it's focus is fixed. There is no option for manual focus setup. Also, the Infrared night vision is effective up to five meters only.

It does not illuminate beyond this range, so you might want to pair it with an external IR illuminator.

Bottom Line

If you want to record ghosts but are afraid to get close, you should definitely look into getting the Seree 360° Wireless Remote Control Vlogging Camera.

It is a pretty basic model with good night vision and exceptional remote control operation support. Overall, the features and functions are decent, and the camcorder itself is very easy to use. 

What are night vision camcorders?

infrared camcorders

Night vision camcorders are video cameras that can record everything, even in pitch-black darkness. Imagine the green or black or white video footage of myth-busting shows. 

But how do they do it? 

Modern camcorders these days have infrared (IR) vision. They feature a few small LED bulbs on the front. These are infrared lights.

When you use the camcorder in darkness, the lights turn on and start acting as floodlights. With its field of vision doused in infrared light, the camcorder can easily make out and record what’s happening. 

Since infrared radiations are invisible to the naked eye, it won’t look bright to you. But when you observe the camcorder’s display, it will look like a bright light is flooding its field of vision. 

Unlike a regular camcorder, instead of taking all the available light there is and amplifying it, night vision camcorders generate their own light that is invisible to the naked eye.  

Why Use Night Vision Camcorders for Ghost Hunting?

Ghost hunting is both fun and exciting, but certainly, not all camcorders are up for this task.

Who wants to go through the trouble of spending time at a haunted location only to find that their camcorder failed to capture anything? That’s why you should use a night vision camcorder for ghost hunting or other paranormal investigations. 

Night vision camcorders can record a clear video, especially when it is dark. They have an infrared vision that floods their field of vision to create a bright light that is otherwise completely invisible to the human eye. They ensure that not a single moment of your exciting ghost hunting trip is left in the dark. 

Types of Night Vision Camcorders

Depending on the video formats, there are different types of night vision camcorders available on the market. Some common ones include:

Mini DV Camcorders

This is the oldest type of camcorder. These camcorders are pioneers of digital recording and record videos on tapes.

You can upload the tapes on a computer to view the recording. They are relatively inexpensive and highly suitable for low-budget shooting. 

Flash Memory Camcorders

Such camcorders are small and compact. They store their recordings on flash memory cards. With their compact size and lighter weight, they are great for shooting on the go. 

DVD Camcorder

These camcorders use DVD discs as storage points. Though a bit bulky in size, they are very convenient.

Just pop the DVD out of the device and play it on your DVD player for instant viewing. However, they store compressed footage, so the quality is not awe-worthy.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Camcorders

Often confused with HD camcorders, HDD camcorders are relatively new. They feature a hard drive built into the device, just like in a computer.

This eliminates the need to buy tapes or DVDs for storage, so they save money, and you can continue to reuse them. 

Combo Models

Combo models have a built-in hard drive and also feature a removable flash drive. They provide the best of both worlds by offering more convenience and flexibility.

So even if your hard drive runs out before you can export your footage on a computer, you can just insert a memory card to expand the storage. 

How to Choose the Best Night Vision Camcorder: Features that Matter

Ghost hunting is a nighttime activity - not because it is creepier, but as the world quiets down, your chances of capturing a real ghost increase.

It can become dangerous, so be prepared. A part of this preparation is choosing the right equipment. If you want to be successful, you have to invest in a quality night vision camcorder. Some things to consider are:

Battery life 

Your camcorder running out of battery is the last thing you want on your ghost hunting expedition. The situation causes great inconvenience and nuisance.

So when you are out buying a new camcorder for yourself, be sure to check its battery life. 

Of course, they operate on rechargeable batteries, so you can keep an extra if your project is long.

But you should know that some advanced features like a microphone and Wi-Fi drain the battery faster. It’s best to judge different models on their battery performance and have enough battery juice to last you throughout the project.


The display size of most camcorders measures about 3 inches diagonally, yet some are larger too. When choosing a model for yourself, be sure to check its display.

Try it out both inside and outside the shop. Check it in both dim and bright lighting conditions.

You will notice that some displays have too much glare. Avoid purchasing such models. Try different models until you are completely satisfied with what you are buying. 

Video Quality 

When you are ghost hunting, you need the highest quality video footage to show to the world. A blurry video that suffers from glare is not of much use. So be sure to buy a night vision camcorder with the highest video quality that you can buy. 


Stability is a major concern in all video shootings. You don’t want to ruin your perfect footage with jerky hand movements.

That is why you should look for a model that offers better image stabilization. It’s also a great idea to buy a device that can mount on a tripod.

Yes, you may have to wait a bit longer, but you will get the footage you desire without any shaking or moving around. 


Durability is the number one concern when purchasing a new night vision camcorder for yourself. First things first, a night vision camcorder must survive harsh outdoor conditions.

Of course, you won’t be shooting in a straight downpour, but a rugged body is essential. Features like shock absorbance and water and fog-proofing also come in handy when you are out exploring dark locations. 


If you are purchasing a camcorder with the sole purpose of nighttime exploration, then the resolution does not matter much.

The quality of the night footage depends a lot more on the technology than the resolution. So even 480p to 720p resolution works fine for such videography. 


If there is some paranormal activity going on, you don’t want to be too near or far from it. Make sure that your camcorder's zooming function is good enough to record all the action with high clarity.

Go for a higher zoom for better visibility. However, remember that an increased zoom can result in grains and distortions. So keep this in mind and choose your camcorder wisely.

Lux value

No matter how cool and expensive the word lux sounds, in camcorders, measuring lux is a science. To simplify it for you, a smaller lux value equals a better camcorder for ghost hunting.

The lower the number, the better the device will perform in low light. So look for the smallest lux value that you can afford. 

Audio quality 

The audio quality is an important consideration when choosing the best night vision camcorder for yourself. Test out a few models to check their audio performance.

Although most camcorders lack good audio quality, the video should at least be free of noise or hiss. To remedy this, some models feature a jack for an external microphone. You can also pick up one of those if you don’t like the sound quality. 

Limitations of Night Vision Camcorders

Ghost hunting requires proper planning. You cannot venture into a haunted location without prior preparation.

A part of this preparation involves knowing the equipment you are going to use. It includes knowing its limitations and shortcomings.

After all, the expedition is all about collecting proof, and you cannot let the shortcomings get in the way. Here are some limitations of night vision camcorders:

Cannot accurately capture an image through glass

One of the biggest limitations of infrared night vision camcorders is their inability to capture accurate images through glass.

The light rays they produce reflect off the glass, and instead of recording scenes through the glass, they capture a blurry reflection of themselves. 

Can only record video in greenish hue or black and white contrast 

The biggest limitation of night vision is the lack of color. These devices can only capture images in a black and white contrast or in a greenish hue. With the lack of a proper contrast, the footage is difficult to gauge.

Unstable handling leads to confusing imagery

Blurry and disheveled images are common amongst night vision camcorders. They require extra stability, so you need to be extra careful while making a video with them. If your hand jerks or shakes, you will get a confusing and blurry video. 

Care and Maintenance of Night Vision Camcorders

best camcorder with night vision

Like any other electronic device, you have to regularly take care of and maintain your night vision camcorder. Fail to do so, and it will break down and not be of any use.

After all, it is a significant investment that requires proper maintenance. So if you don’t want your investment to go down the drain, take due care of your device. Below are some tips and tricks to help you do so:

Cover the lens with a cap when not in use

Forgetting to cover the camcorder lens is a common mistake most users commit. The lens cover is there to protect the lens. Without it, you might scratch or damage the lens.

The scratches and damage are all too evident on the videos you record. To avoid this situation, after every use, always cover the lens with the lens cover.

Lens covers also prevent dust and dirt particles from getting inside the lens. Their accumulation also affects the quality of the videos you record. The lens cover prevents your fingers from staining the lens too. 

Store inside a reliable bag

Storing your night vision camcorder inside a reliable camcorder bag is the oldest care and maintenance tip.

It not only protects your devices from external elements but also makes it much easier to carry around with all the accessories.

Most camcorders come with their own bags. But if yours lacks it, choose a bag that provides lots of cushioning and protection. 

Clean with special cleaning material

Cleaning is a part of camcorder maintenance that you must be vigilant about. And it does not mean wiping the device with a damp cloth only.

You have to use special cleaning material for cleaning the body, lens, and display of your night vision camcorder.

Never place it anywhere near water as it can cause it to malfunction. Just wipe with a dampened cloth to get rid of stubborn dirt built-up. 

Avoid touching the lens and display

No matter how strong the urge is, never touch the lens or display of your night vision camcorder.

The oils from our fingers smudge the lens and LCD. They not only look bad but also lead to permanent damage. To avoid this, use a microfiber cloth to clean the smudges. 

Don’t place under direct sunlight 

Lens and sunlight don’t mix well. Just as a magnifying glass can start a fire, your camcorder lens can also start a fire inside it.

Never point it towards the direct sun for too long or place it under the direct sun. It can damage the plastic body. 

Although they can withstand harsh environmental conditions, camcorders cannot survive extreme temperatures.

Never place yours in a sunny vehicle where the temperature can rise quickly or in extreme cold as it can damage the display panel. 

Use with care

The number one rule of using a camcorder is handling it with care. Grip it with your right hand and support it with the left one.

Keep your right elbow pressed against your body for better stability. You can try adjusting the grip belt to fit your hand. This way, you can reach different buttons and functions easily.

Keep a rain sleeve and silica gel packets

camera for ghost hunting

You can never accurately predict the weather. All of us have at least experienced a heavy downpour once, even when the forecast showed a bright sunny day.

To avoid such surprises, always keep a rain sleeve inside your camcorder bag. And since you expose them to many different conditions - air conditioning, internal heat, or other elements – your camcorder can retain moisture.

Keeping a few silica gel packets in your camcorder bag will help absorb moisture and keep it at bay. 

Take care of the battery 

Camcorders run on rechargeable batteries. As with any other battery-operated device, you should completely run the batteries down before recharging.

This practice helps extend the battery life and allows it to hold a charge for longer. Frequent charging or leaving on charge for a prolonged time can damage the battery. 

But once the battery starts running down, you should consider replacing it. Even then, be sure to get genuine batteries from the manufacturer. Using any other battery can void the warranty on your night vision camcorder. 

Night Vision Camcorders: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my night vision camcorder? 

If you want to make the most out of your night vision camcorder, make sure to keep all its faces clean.

To further improve its performance, try using it with a more powerful infrared illuminator instead of the small built-in infrared lights around the lens. 

Can you use a camcorder as a webcam?

Yes, you can use a camcorder as a webcam. In fact, it is an excellent solution to the lack of a webcam. But you will need an HDMI to USB video capture device for this purpose.

First, connect the HDMI cable to the camcorder and the video capture device. Now using the USB cable, connect the video capture device to the computer.

Now turn the camcorder on. The computer will automatically recognize it as a webcam and start showing the livestream on its display. 

Do all night vision cameras use work with red lights? 

No, not all cameras work with red lights. Some also use the image intensifier night vision technology in night vision goggles. This technology allows them to take a scene, magnify its light, and translate it into green-tinted images. 

Final Verdict: What are the Best Night Vision Camcorders for Ghost Hunting?

If you want a professional-quality video of your ghost hunting adventure, choose Sony HXRMC50U Ultra Compact AVCHD Camcorder.

But if you want the convenience of a complete kit, go for Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder Digital Video Camera. It has all the accessories and offers decent battery life to get you going.

And if you are shooting for YouTube vlogs, trust Linnse Video Camera 4K Camcorder Vlogging Camera with Microphone to perform the job well.

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