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Thermals scope on a hunting rifle

Best Thermal Scope Hunting Videos: Top 10 Clips of the Year

Hunting at nighttime can be an excruciating process for even the most avid hunting enthusiasts. The amount of detail required for hunting down moving animals is often not achieved at night.

However, with IR scopes, hunters can take the field at nighttime and give us some amazing thermal scope videos to watch as a result. Here we look at some of the best thermal scope hunting videos.

1. Coyote Hunting With Thermal Scopes

Coyote hunting is an activity that many farmers from South Dakota partake in to protect their crops from damage. The use of thermal scopes makes it easy to target them in the night, as seen in this video.

2. Deer Hunting With Thermal Scopes

This famous YouTuber starts by hunting deer in this video, before moving on to hogs. Deer can be particularly quick on their feet, which is why hunting them requires agility and precision.

3. Wild Boar Hunting With Thermal Scopes

This thermal hunting video shows around 75 plus hogs being targeted by farmers. The video sure is a fest for fans of hunting, as we have wild boars falling left, right and center.

4. Using the IR Hunter MKIII 35mm for Hunting

This video shows a hunter targeting coyotes as they stroll in the open. Coyotes can be rather quick at times, but the attack at night along with the perfect thermal scope makes the process easier for all involved.

5. Thermal Night Hunting With ATN ThOR 4

The ATN ThOR 4 makes it easy to hunt down wild boars due to the quality of the output from the thermal scope. The hogs captured in this video are fast and some of them were at a distance of 200 meters.

6. Auto Hog Hunting With Thermal and Night Vision

Feral hogs are considered invasive species in Texas and hunters can track them down using lawful means. This video shows a full fledged attack from a distance as hogs are targeted by the numbers.

7. The Pulsar Thermion XP50

The Pulsar Thermion XP50 is one of the best scopes for targeting hogs. This thermal hunting video is shot at nighttime and the YouTuber gives some exciting insight into how to go about the process.

8. Hunting Coyotes in the Backyard

Hunting Coyotes in the backyard is not an easy experience. Well, you have nothing to worry about if you have a thermal scope. This video takes you through the entire process in an interactive manner.

9. Best Hits of 2018

This amazing compilation video shows some of the best hits from 2018. Compiled from hunting videos from over the year, this video compiles interesting shots from different hunting scopes.

10. Compilation of Best Hog Hunting Videos

Compilation videos are always amazing and this video compiles some of the most thrilling hog hunting moments from the Trijicon Reap-IR hunting scope. Some of the shots here really are amazing.

There is nothing fun about hunting, but the quality of the thermal scopes and the precision of the shots really make us awe in wonder at the brilliance of the equipment.

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