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flir scout ii

FLIR Scout II 320 Spotting Monocular Review

The FLIR Scout II 320 is a remarkable thermal vision monocular with superior functioning. The monocular helps you assess your surroundings based on the temperature of objects and their background.

It makes your observations more reliable than when you use a monocular that depends on external light sources.

The 550m detection range of the FLIT Scout II 320 makes it great for hunters and wildlife observers, and its simple frame makes it easy to carry and use. So, it is a good option, even if you are new to night vision.

Since the FLIR Scout II 320 actively resists weather damage, you can use it in harsh climate conditions as well. The weatherproof construction further enhances its range of uses.

Pros and Cons


  • Images generated based on heat.
  • Reliable vision during the day and at night.
  • Built-in 640 × 480 LCD.
  • LED-enabled task light in power-off state.
  • Reliable even in complete darkness.
  • IP-67 rated waterproof housing.
  • Simple button controls on top.
  • Quick-start thermal vision saves time.
  • Long detection range of 550 m.
  • Can easily and clearly see through the foliage as well.
  • It comes with multiple color pallets.
  • Its Lightweight design prevents wrist fatigue.
  • Battery life of more than 5 hours.
  • The wrist strap increases its portability and helps users carry it more easily.
  • High resistance to weather damage.
  • Rugged design withstands drops.
  • Eyecup for comfortable spotting.


  • Charging takes time.
  • Low refresh rate.

Unique Features

scout ii

FLIR Scout II 320 is characterized by unique features and reliable functioning. Here are some features that help the Scout II 320 by FLIR stand out from other monoculars.

24/7 Vision

We really like the FLIR Scout II 320 because of its 24/7 thermal vision. You can rely on this monocular to view objects in low light conditions during the day. It is also reliable in complete darkness as it uses heat to detect objects.

Quick Start

The FLIR Scout II 320 starts up quickly, so you do not have to wait to view through it.

It has a simple user interface, so there is no need to spend time trying to understand this monocular before using it. This also makes it great for people new to thermal vision.

Compact Design

FLIR Scout II 320 has a compact and practical construction. It can fit the palm of your hand with its sleek dimensions of 6.70 x 2.31 x 2.44 inches.

Also, it weighs only 340 g, so you can use it for hours without any wrist fatigue. Its small frame is easy to pack along with your luggage for easy travel.


The 320 monocular has a built-in LCD display that shows you sharp images. There is a clear distinction between the objects and their background. The display resolution of 640 × 480 pixels further improves the LCD screen’s display quality.


This FLIR spotting monocular has a battery life of more than 5 hours. The battery run time is quite impressive, as it can help you continue your adventures without needing to recharge it.

Detection Range

With a 550 detection range, the Scout II 320 thermal monocular is great for spotting. You can use it for bird watching and hunting expeditions. It is also great for wildlife experts who like to explore different wildlife habitats.


The FLIR Scout II 320 comes with many useful accessories, which help you store and use it without hassle.

The package includes a USB power adaptor and a USB cable. A wrist strap helps you carry it while moving around.

The Molle bag is also quite reliable as it keeps the monocular safe.

Ergonomic Construction

The FLIR 320’s ergonomic construction makes it easy to use. The tactical frame ensures a firm grip on the monocular. So, it does not slip from your hands, even if you have sweaty palms.

Weatherproof Housing

This thermal monocular has weatherproof housing, which makes it great for use in extreme weather conditions.

The operating temperature range of -4 to 122 °F makes it great for winters and scorching hot summers. It also has a waterproof rating of IP67, so you can use it when it’s raining as well.

Issues & Concerns

While the FLIR Scout II 320 is an exceptional thermal spotting monocular, it has some downsides that you should know before purchasing it.

Long Charging Time

The primary concern with the Scout II 320 is that it has a long charging time. The batteries last for around 5 hours, but you need to charge them for 2 hours, which makes charging time seem a little too much for the battery run time of 5 hours.

Small Refresh Rate

Another issue is that it has a refresh rate of under 9 Hz. Although this refresh rate is usually enough for birding and hunting, it is not sufficient to track fast-moving objects.

So, if you are looking for a higher refresh rate, you will have to look for another spotting monocular.

Low Magnification

Since the Scout II, 320 has a zoom of 2x, it is useful for short distances only. It will not give you a clear view of far-away objects.

Care and Maintenance

flir scout ii

Proper care and maintenance increase the life of a thermal spotting monocular, and it also helps you have a clear view of the objects and their background.

Here are simple steps you should keep in mind to clean your Scout II 320 effectively.

  • Begin by removing the dirt by blowing on it or by brushing it off the lens.
  • Spray a cleaner solution on it with 96% isopropyl alcohol composition.
  • Use a soft lens cleaning cloth or tissue to wipe the lens gently.
  • This will clean the lens without scratching its surface.
  • Keep the Scout II 320 in the Molle bag that comes with it to keep it safe.

Comparing the Scout II 320 & Scout II 640

The Scout II 320 and the Scout II 640 by FLIR are both amazing thermal monoculars. They have the same display resolution of 640 × 480 pixels.

But, they have different fixed focus focal lengths - 19 mm for the Scout II 320 and 33 mm for the Scout II 640.

The two models also have the same weight at 340 g, so they are equally handy. But, the Scout II 640 has a higher detection range of 1,140 m than the 550 m detection range of Scout II 320. 

The Scout II 320 and Scout II 640 have a 17° x 13° and 18° × 14° field of view, respectively. So, the Scout II 640 is suitable for people in security and surveillance jobs. However, the Scout II 320 works amazingly well for bird watching and hunting.

Zooming capability also distinguishes the two as the Scout II 320 has a 2x zoom. Meanwhile, the Scout II 640 has a 4x zoom.


The FLIR Scout II 320 comes with a standard 2-year warranty covering all parts except the batteries.

You can also get an extended 3-year warranty if you register with FLIR. However, it does not cover any accidental damage or user-induced malfunctioning.


  • It weighs only 340 g
  • 19 mm fixed focus focal length
  • 2x zoom function for magnification
  • 17 x 13° NTSC field of view
  • 640 × 480 pixel LCD display
  • VOx microbolometer detector
  • Less than 9 Hz refresh rate
  • 550 m detection range
  • Uses 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Waterproof rating of IP 67
  • A 19 mm thermal lens
  • Boasts a thermal resolution of 336 x 265 pixels
  • Black hot, white-hot, and FLIR's InstAlert color pallets
  • Adjustable digital brightness
  • Built-in task light
  • Startup in less than 1/5 seconds
  • 7.5 to 13.5μm waveband
  • -4 to 122 °F operating temperature range
  • Storage temperature range of -40 to 140 °F
  • Dimensions of 6.70 x 2.31 x 2.44 inches

Where to Buy

If you’d like to get a FLIR Scot II 320 thermal monocular, you can order one from Amazon.

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