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flir scout iii 240 review

FLIR Scout III 240 Thermal Monocular Review

The FLIR Scout III 240 handheld thermal monocular is a great option for getting detailed and clear images at a high frame rate. It makes spotting games in the open field easy through its outstanding 30Hz refresh rate and 240x180 thermal resolution.

You don't need to be a trained professional to use the Scout III 240. It starts within seconds and has a user-friendly interface. It also comes with a wrist strap for user comfort and is super lightweight, so you can easily fit it anywhere, even in your cargo pockets.

The Scout III thermal monocular is not only useful for hunters. It's an excellent tool for professional firefighters, building inspectors, and electricians as it can help them detect any issues beforehand so they can be prepared to manage the situation accordingly.

The FLIR Scout III is also suitable for personal security and property surveillance as it can detect and highlight intruders in glaring red figures in the darkest of spaces.

Pros and Cons


  • Extended battery life of 5 hours.
  • High-quality video recording and refresh rate.
  • Lightweight body.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Rugged and durable build quality.
  • Handheld, ergonomic design.
  • Ideal for multiple applications, including hunting and camping.
  • Drop-proof design for up to 1 meter.
  • Internal, rechargeable battery.
  • Detects heat signatures from 380 yards away.
  • A high frame refresh rate of 30Hz to track moving objects.
  • 640 x 480 LCD display screen for clear and detailed imagery.
  • A quick startup that saves battery life in the long term and eliminates the need for standby.


  • Low-quality resolution.
  • It does not have a high zoom capacity.

Unique Features

flir scout iii 240 vs 320

The FLIR Scout III 240 has a unique thermal imaging system and design that contributes to its efficient functionality. Some of its prominent features include:

Sturdy and Ergonomic Rubber Body

The FLIR Scout III 240 is specially made for outdoor use. It has a rugged, non-slip rubber surface for better grip, while the rubber eyecups ensure a more comfortable vision.

The tight rubber surface also keeps elements such as water or dirt out. This sturdy design can also survive extended use in outdoor spaces.

The Scout III 240 has an ergonomic design, so you can use it for long hours without your hand tiring out.

User-friendly Interface

The Scout III has easy-to-use buttons to choose the power, color palettes, screen brightness, and zoom options. The pictograms on the buttons allow for quick readability.


This Flir thermal monocular has a well-lit, built-in LCD screen that also displays the battery sign, so you know how much you can go on with and when you need to charge it.


The FLIR Scout III 240 30Hz thermal handheld monocular is relatively compact (2.44×6.7×2.31 inches) and lightweight (12 ounces). So you can easily carry it in one hand or fit it in your cargo pockets when it is not in use.

Thermal Palettes

The Scout III has three thermal palettes to choose from: White Hot, Black Hot, and InsAlert.

White Hot is the most commonly used. It displays warmer objects in white and cooler objects in black and offers more simplistic images.

The Black Hot is the inverted version of the White Hot. Law enforcement and hunters usually prefer Black Hot as it presents body heat in a clear, distinct manner.

In InstAlert, moving things such as people, animals or vehicles show up in red while the background remains in scales of gray. This mode offers the most concise target definition and tracking.

All three modes come with a utility light for better nighttime vision and allow you to view through smoke, haze, and foliage.

Detection Range

This thermal monocular allows thermal detection with extreme clarity for up to 380 yards. It also has a unique ‘digital detail enhancer’ which transmits NTSC or PAL video formats at a 30Hz refresh rate.

Quick Startup

The Scout III 240 has a quick startup process, which contributes to extended battery life in the long term by eliminating the need for standby. 

Plus, its internal Li-Ion battery can run for about five hours. 

Issues & Concerns

flir scout iii 240 review

While the Flir Scout III promises excellent results, it has a few issues. These include:

No Mount Compatibility

Game hunters may be slightly disadvantaged with this thermal monocular as it does not come with a mount. So unless you purchase one additionally, you cannot use the Flir Scout III as your rifle scope.

Low Magnification

The FLIR Scout III comes with only a 1x magnification, which might not be sufficient, especially for professional use and for the price it comes at. 

Lens Not Designed for Foggy Conditions

This thermal monocular is marketed for use in rugged conditions; however, its lens is not built to withstand foggy conditions.

If you use this in cold weather wearing a face mask, the exhaled air fogs the lens and blurs the vision. It would have been better if the 240 came with an antifog lens.

Care and Maintenance

Look out for software updates and hardware maintenance to keep the Scout III 240 thermal monocular running at its best.

When charging the monocular, make sure that the monocular is turned off and the camera temperature is within 0 to 40°C; otherwise, the battery may get damaged. Also, make sure to fully charge it before use. 

The 240 might catch on dirt and dust, so ensure proper cleaning of its body by wiping it with a damp cloth. Use a good-quality lens wipe to get rid of smudges from the lens and the screen. Avoid using chemical solvents to clean the body, lens, or screen.

Lastly, do not disassemble the monocular as it may lead to permanent damage, which is not covered under warranty. Also, keep the monocular away from high-intensity radiation sources like the sun or lasers.


FLIR offers product service within 60 days of the purchase and standard warranty coverage for two years, covering manufacturing defects (except for battery replacement) from the original purchase date.

Once you register the product, you get a 3-year extended warranty under the FLIR Personal Vision Systems 2-3-10 program. You can also opt for the warranty coverage of the thermal monocular’s uncooled sensors for ten years.

The warranty does not apply to incidents of theft and accidentally losing or damaging the thermal monocular.


  • 240 x 180 thermal resolution
  • Built-in LCD display with 640 x 480 display resolution
  • FLIR proprietary image processing
  • 5-hour battery life
  • 50mK thermal sensitivity
  • 30Hz refresh rate
  • Compact and rugged body
  • Detects heat signatures from 383 yards
  • < 1.5 seconds startup

Where to Buy

You can buy the Scout III 240 thermal monocular from the FLIR direct website here.

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