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How Far Should A Thermal Scope Be From Your Eye?

Do you often wind up uncomfortably leaned over, searching for the whole field of view via your rifle scope? Missing all functionality in the procedure?

The answer to your problem is probably eye relief. If this is your first time you've heard that phrase or desired to discover how to correct the eye relief on a rifle scope. Then we encourage you to keep studying as we break down all you will need to know about eye relief to your rifle scope.

Short and Sweet

Eye support is the distance required between the eye and the lens of your rifle to see a complete field of view (FOV). To correct the eye relief, you need to set it in the rings with sufficient freedom to slide just a little bit.

Next, without viewing through the range to find the most convenient position and adjust accordingly. As soon as you hit a sweet spot with a whole field of view, no black borders, and a cozy position, twist the rings and completely mount the scope.

What, Why, and How

Wikipedia describes eye relief as "the distance from the last surface of an eyepiece where the consumer's eye can get the complete viewing angle.".

The general guideline is more magnification gives less eye relief. Often you'll get the rifle scope " optimal" eye relief published around on the package. Now, let's talk about why it matters, and I will end things by describing how to correct eye relief on a rifle scope.

How Eye Relief Is Important

Inaccurate eye relief may result in a reduction in scope performance and possibly harm the shooter. Meaning it does not consider the effect a high powered rifle may have on your face if you don't have sufficient eye relief.

Eric Fowler Over at describes "the pleasure of being smacked in the face by your rifle scope."

Clipped images are just another obstacle that comes from incorrect eye relief. This will narrow your effective FOV and enhance the image quality of your scope. Which could cause some severe migraines and be quite distracting.

How to Adjust Eye Relief

Optimal eye relief can be attained from your rifle scopes company. They get this measurement via some intricate math. Yet, that might not be the best for you due to your body contour or what have you. So your left to adjust it to locate a safe and relaxed shooting position.

It's a much simpler process than most folks think. The eye relief of the extent when properly set gives a more pleasant shooting experience. Allowing for faster, more precise shots down range or field.

1. Set the rifle scope in the rings and tighten loosely. Let the scope slide slightly for alterations.

2. Mount the rifle on a secure platform opposite a brightly colored wall.

3. Shoulder the rifle and imagine a suitable shooting position. Avoid looking through the scope and concentrate on how it feels.

4. Look through the scope and adjust it until you can see the whole FOV.

5. Repeat as required until you find the most comfortable position.

6. Level the riflescope and tighten the rings.

7. Zero from the rifle scope.

To properly adjust the eye relief of your rifle scope, you'll need to invest time with the stress of not looking through the scope when finding a comfortable position.

This is because individuals will hunch their shoulders or contort their necks to procure a whole FOV rather than concentrating on their body posture. Remember to cite on your rifle range after mounting using the windage and elevation adjustment turrets.

scope eye relief

Adjust the Scope

It's important to remember that the recommended eye relief is often published by the manufacturer. If you're aware that you demand a more forgiving scope in the eye relief section, you need to shop for scopes that provide that especially. Considering that the sort of shooting you are doing will change the quantity of eye relief you desire.

If you're utilizing a long-range high magnification scope, the total volume of eye relief will narrow. The reason is, at high magnification, the lens's eye distance may lead to misalignment and clip the picture. Decreasing the FOV, clarity, and performance of the rifle range.


We hope you understand how to correct the eye relief on a rifle scope and its significance. There are various names for your eye laceration that comes from insufficient eye relief. The best way to prevent them is to begin at what the manufacturer recommended and adjust from there.

Also, the second pair of eyes is not necessarily the best on something like this. Being that your body shape, posture, and vision are unique to you. So your partner may be seeing something completely different than you.

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