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Finding the Right Thermal Camera

Finding the Right Thermal Camera for Sale That Suits Your Needs

So you’ve decided you need a thermal imaging solution, and now you are ready to choose the best thermal camera for sale. The thing is, you aren’t really sure what the right technical specifications

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night vision camera through window

How to Use Night Vision Camera Through Glass

A lot of people have opted to install their safety cameras inside, behind glass windows.But, installing a night camera behind a bit of glass may ruin the images they capture. Thus, we've put together valuable

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thermal imaging fart

Can A Thermal Image Capture Farts on Camera? Myth vs. Reality

Thermal imaging technology has shown its usefulness in a vast selection of applications and businesses over the past decades.While thermal imaging cameras operate by detecting heat energy from living and

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shimming a scope

How to Shim A Thermal Rifle Scope

You may have knowledge of shimming from a construction perspective, shimming a door or window. Did you know it is possible to shim the scope of a rifle? It is not the most suitable fix, but it acts as

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scope number meanings

What Do The Numbers on a Rifle Scope Mean?

The numbers on a rifle, crossbow scope (our best picks), or viewing scope initially seem confusing, but they are really quite simple to understand. Let us take an example from a mid-sized spotting scope...20

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eye relief scope

How Far Should A Thermal Scope Be From Your Eye?

Do you often wind up uncomfortably leaned over, searching for the whole field of view via your rifle scope? Missing all functionality in the procedure?The answer to your problem is probably eye relief.

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sighting in a red dot scope

How to Sight in a Red Dot Scope Without Shooting

A red dot sight allows for various sorts of shooting and embraces the benefits of using your iron sights and rifle scope. They equip you with support for no other sighting system provides.Whether you

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leveling a scope

How to Level Your Thermal Scope on a Rifle

When you place a scope on any rifle, it seems typically perfectly installed and with no extra tweaking needed. But in fact, you'll have to level it.That's what we wish to show you here: how to level a

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scope ring height

What’s The Best Way to Determine Thermal Scope Ring Height?

Before ordering scope rings for your rifle, it is crucial to ascertain the correct height. This article will show you just how to determine the scope ring height of your rifle and remove any guessing

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nighttime driving glasses

Night Driving Glasses: Which Ones Really Work?

Not seeing clearly when driving at nighttime is a frequent complaint.Poor night vision can affect individuals of any age, but it tends to be exceptionally troublesome after age 40.Perhaps you've heard

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Thermal Imaging in Medical Diagnosis

Applications of Thermal Imaging in Medical Diagnosis

Medical thermography, also known as digital infrared thermal imaging, is used as a method of early detection during homeostatic imbalances.Two techniques in medical science work the same as a thermograph,

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best night vision

How To Select The Right Night Vision Device For Your Needs

Night Vision Device TypesAn NV monocular has many benefits and is among the most versatile night vision devices. A monocular is a night vision device that has one aim and one eyepiece.NV monoculars are

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Thermal monocular for hunting

Is It Legal to Hunt with A Thermal Scope (Night Vision)?

Is Thermal Scope Hunting Legal?Generally, this really is an easy question. Thermal scope hunting and night vision are legal to have in America. Through our study, California has laws about illegal sniper

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Temperature Probe vs. Non-Contact Thermometer

Temperature Probe vs. Non-Contact/Infrared Thermometer: The Major Differences Explained

Understanding the distinction between contact and non-contact temperature measurements is very important in addressing safety, health, and quality problems. The use of thermometers to determine temperature

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Color night vision

Wow! This is What Color Night Vision Looks Like (Check Out These Videos)

There is no doubt that increasingly compact night vision cameras and optics have changed the style of warfare and law enforcement and a host of other activities. However, as revolutionary as these

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Night vision

15 Things You Don’t Know About Night Vision Technology

Night vision Has become a vital tool for the U.S. military. Pilots operate fighter planes and helicopters using night vision devices.Militants on the Afghanistan territory use night vision goggles to locate

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Night vision eye injections

In The Future, Troops Might Use Eye Injections Instead of Night Vision Goggles

According to an Arizona State University tech expert, nano-particle injections could provide soldiers the ability to see in the night without wearing night vision goggles during nighttime operations.The

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How Humans See At Night

Why Can’t We Humans See Clearly At Night? (The Sad, Evolutionary Reason)

If you know how eyes work, then you know they require light to see.So, how are we able to see so well in the dark?Our eyes can see a remarkably broad range of lighting conditions because of different areas

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Thermal home inspection

Thermal Home Inspection: 7 Things It Can Tell You That Your Eyes Can’t See

1. Moisture Detection in Ceilings and Walls Thermal imaging is a superb technology for finding water damage in floors, walls, and ceilings.Thermal imaging detects moisture problems by identifying

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Picture of an HVAC system

Benefits of Using Thermal Imaging Cameras as an HVAC Professional

Thermal imaging cameras are coming into their own within the industry for HVAC repair and maintenance. With a greater emphasis on temperature management and regulation inside houses, many homeowners today

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