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Ozito Infrared Thermometer Review

Infrared thermometers have successfully swept the market off its feet due to their versatility. There is a model designed for almost every specific use.

This is especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic when more and more people are striving to buy contact-less infrared thermometers.

However, the Ozito thermometer is not a medical accessory for humans. Rather, it specializes in recording temperatures of objects.

Perhaps, the best part of this thermometer is the convenience and ease of use it allows. It has a digital backlit display, and recording temperatures is insanely simple and easy with this.

Moreover, it can record temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Another great feature of this thermometer is its stupendously wide temperature range.

This allows the user to use it in a variety of settings where it delivers every time.

Manufacturers have also incorporated an auto shut-down feature to preserve the battery and included a 3-year warranty.

All in all, it is an exceptional product, with unparalleled efficiency and performance at a very reasonable price.

This article is an honest and unbiased review of the product. We will not only highlight everything we love about it but also inform our readers on certain issues that they should be aware of.


  • List ElCannot measure the internal temperature
  • Not as accurate as probe or surface touching thermometers
  • Frost, fog, or dust particles in the air might temporarily distort the reading

Unique Features

infrared distance measurement

The market is overflowing with different thermometer models and with different specifications – even infrared ones.

In such a scenario, it gets hard and almost intimidating for a consumer to choose one.

Therefore, this section highlights how the Ozito Infrared Thermometer stands out from the bunch and why we favor it over others.

Wide Temperature Range

This thermometer has an almost unbelievable temperature range of a whopping 38°C to 520°C or -36.4°F to 968°F.

As you can see, such a broad window makes it extremely versatile in a variety of settings.

Other than domestic or household uses, this has a utility in more serious settings as well.

For example, you could use this to measure the temperature of an electrical component to know whether it is overheating.

Similarly, you could use it to measure cooking temperature when you are hosting a barbeque for the family.

Easy to Use

Many people believe that using an infrared thermometer may be a little complicated because they are not very conversational with the technology.

In the case of Ozito, it couldn’t be further from the truth. All you need to do is turn on the laser pointer along with the display backlight.

This will allow you to record measurements easily. Moreover, the data hold function will temporarily store the recorded temperature.

Power Efficient

The unit uses two AAA batteries that are shipped along with the thermometer.

These two should last you for a long time as the product has an inbuilt mechanism that optimizes power consumption.

It has an auto shut-off feature. This means that after 10 seconds of inactivity, the unit will shut down automatically.

Moreover, a low battery indicator has also been installed to notify you when the batteries need changing.

Dual Temperature Measurement Units

There is no one standard unit of measurement for a temperature around the globe.

While some communities might use Fahrenheit; others are more fluent in Celsius.

To avoid any confusion regarding this, Ozito can take readings in both units.

Comparing Ozito with General Tools IRT207 Laser Temperature Gun

Many people do not make a decision in a hurry and tend to do their due diligence by comparing two products. This section is specifically dedicated to them.

General Tools IRT207 Laser Temperature Gun is another popular name in the market. This section will draw a comparison between the two.

Both of them are high-quality and top-of-the-line products with many similar features.

For example, they both have the same distance-to-spot ratio of 8:1. Both of them have a digital backlit display, and both can record temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

However, there are some differences. The temperature range is one of the most sublime features of an infrared thermometer.

The Ozito Infrared Thermometer has a larger window here.

It can measure temperature from 38°C to 520°C or -36.4°F to 968°F whereas the General Tools one has a range of – 4 to 608 degrees F ( -20 to 320 degrees C).

Furthermore, the Ozito thermometer comes with a 3-year warranty, whereas the General Tools unit has a one-year warranty.

Although the warranty of a product is not directly linked with its performance, it is indicative of the trust and confidence that manufacturers have in their designed unit.

A 3-year warranty speaks highly of that.

Although both models are highly commendable, have many overlapping features, and have a largely satisfied client base, in the areas where there is a difference, the Ozito Infrared Thermometer does seem to take an edge.

Even though it boils down to preference, our preference would be the Ozito.

Issues & Concerns

Although generally using an infrared thermometer is safe, you need to follow some safety precautions to keep yourselves and others around you safe.

This section highlights all those concerns for you. For additional information or details, you can refer to the manual.

Laser Beam Safety Precautions

First, don’t stare directly into the beam. The operator should make sure to not point at any human or object, except for the target piece.

The target piece itself should not have a reflective surface like a steel sheet since that could reflect the laser beam back into the operator’s eyes.

Rough and sturdy objects like wood or any non-reflective objects are safe to work on.

Lastly, do not attempt to change the laser light assembly with another type. A power tool repairer should perform all repairs.

The lasers in this tool typically do not pose an optical hazard. However, staring at the beam could induce flash blindness.

Battery Safety Concerns

distance thermometer

Store the device in a cool, dry place. In any case, you should not store the device or the battery pack in a place where the temperature may reach or go beyond 400°C.

This could include metal buildings or the inside of a shed during summers.

Secondly, do not attempt to burn the battery no matter how damaged you think it might be, as it will result in a fiery explosion.

Care and Maintenance

infrared distance measuring

This is not a high maintenance tool that would require constant care or attention.

However, the operator should not be a child and should be of sane mind and good health.

 Moreover, he/she should not lack experience or knowledge.

Make sure that the tool is kept out of reach of children. If you feel like the product needs cleaning, use a soft cloth without any solvents.


This product has a 3-year replacement warranty.

This means that if your product proves to be defective 36 months from the date of purchase, you would be entitled to a replacement as per this warranty.

However, this does not include consumable components like valve adapters or accessories.

Moreover, the warranty would be void in the following cases:

  • If used on a higher voltage level than that specified by the manufacturer
  • If damaged or shows signs of damage incurred through misuse
  • Hasn’t gone through proper maintenance as stipulated by the manufacturer
  • Has been tampered with or disassembled
  • Has been used in an industrial or professional setting with high frequency



  • Requires 2 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Has an operating temperature of 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
  • Offers an accuracy of ±2°C or ±2% (Tamb= 23 ±3°C)
  • Laser is of Class 2 and a wavelength of 660nm
  • Response time of ≤1s
  • Has a distance to spot ratio of 8:1
  • Comes in 4 colors: Grey, Red, Black, and Silver

Where to Buy

If you think that the Ozito infrared thermometer is for you, you can order one here.

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