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Seek CompactPro

SEEK CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera Review

The Seek CompactPRO thermal camera packs the power of professional-grade thermal cameras into a palm-sized device that connects to your smartphone.

The CompactPRO plugs into your phone’s USB port and uses the screen to output thermal images. It has a full temperature detection range, a long distance range, and great resolution.

While it’s still not at the level of full size professional thermal cameras, it is a perfect tool for those just getting into their trade or pros who want a lighter and more compact thermal imaging solution they can easily carry around.

It’s also great for hunting and home projects.

Keep reading to learn more about the Seek Thermal Compact Pro.

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  • Home projects
  • Residential installation repairs and maintenance 
  • Hunting and outdoors
  • Security

Noteworthy Features

Compact and Lightweight

The Seek Compact Pro camera weighs just 2 pounds and measures 3 x 2 x 7 inches. It’s really small.

When you plug it into your Smartphone’s port, it extends only have the width of the phone. It doesn’t add any bulk to your hands, and the weight is virtually unnoticeable.

Seek Thermal CompactPro

This makes it perfect for pros that don’t need a full-size thermal camera. It’s great for applications like home projects, residential repairs, and hunting.

And even for professionals who need a more capable camera, the Seek CompactPRO is still handy as a complementary thermal camera for smaller projects that don’t need a heavy-duty rig.

Wide Field of View

For its size, the Seek Compact PRO provides a surprisingly wide field of view; 24 degrees horizontal and 32 degrees vertical.

This meets the needs of most professional applications. You can view a substantial area of whatever you are examining without the need to move the camera or zoom out too much constantly.

Again, as with other features, you can certainly get better FOV with a full-featured thermal imager or camera. But considering this is a compact smartphone thermal camera, the 32-degree view is plenty good.

Adjustable Focus Lens

An adjustable focus lens allows you more flexibility when imaging an area. You can aim and focus from as close as 6 inches or as far away as 1,800 feet. This provides more work versatility, making the Compact PRO useful in many different situations.

Seek Thermal CompactPro Review

Pro-Quality Resolution

The SEEK Compact PRO really does pack a lot of resolution into a low-priced imager.

In comparison, the  Fluke Ti400 has a 320 X 240 (76,800 pixels) resolution and costs almost $4,000.

The Compact PRO has the same-sized 320 x 240 sensor but only costs $500.

This pro-quality resolution means you get images with higher clarity and more detail.

You can easily distinguish between close temperature ranges, an important feature in sensitive maintenance and repair work.

So don’t underestimate the Compact PRO because of its size or the fact that it has to be connected to a smartphone. It is quite powerful and can withstand the demands of different fieldwork situations.

Manual Level, Span, and Emissivity Controls

The CompactPRO is all about giving professionals more control over the imaging process. In addition to the adjustable lens, it also comes with adjustable settings for level, span, and emissivity.

One challenge with using thermal cameras is that not all surfaces radiate infrared energy in the same way. The measure of a material’s reflectiveness is called emissivity. The perfect emissivity where temperature reading is accurate is 1.

Some materials, like polished metals, have lower emissivity closer to 0 than 1. Others like human skin have the high emissivity close to the perfect 1. For this reason, two materials can have varying temperature indications despite being at a similar temperature.

Seek Thermal CompactPro

The Compact PRO allows you to adjust emissivity settings to account for these variations. So if you know the emissivity of the material you are imaging, you can adjust camera settings to match it and get a more accurate temperature reading.

This is a cool feature that you would normally only find in a high-end thermal camera.

There are two other settings you can adjust: level and span. These relate to the process of adjusting the max and min temperature range. It helps reduce unwanted distractions and highlight the focus area.

Professionals need more precision and flexibility in their work. The Seek CompactPRO camera delivers both impressively.

Wide Temperature Range

The CompactPRO’s wide -40F° to 626°F detection range makes it effective for use in a wide range of applications and environments.

Seek Thermal CompactPro Review

Whether you are working in a sub zero environment or examining a hot water system, the CompactPRO works well.

Its temperature range is comparable to that of most standalone professional thermal cameras.

Waterproof Carrying Case

When you are not using the camera, put it in the waterproof carrying case. The case itself is small enough that you can just put it in your pocket.

Seek Thermal App

The CompactPRO works with the free Seek Thermal App available for both Android and iOS. The app allows you to tweak various settings, record videos and capture images, focus the lens and view other meta details about the current image.


Limited Image Quality

One common complaint from owners is the flickering motion of the images on the screen. 

It’s as if the lens keeps recalibrating every few seconds. The image on your screen will not be smooth, which can be a bit frustrating when you need to keep moving the camera over an area.

Time-Consuming Focus Lens

The adjustable focus lens may provide more precision, but it’s also more time consuming to use. Many professionals prefer a fixed focus lens for certain applications.


  • Resolution: 320x240 (76,800 pixels) 
  • Manual focus lens control
  • Weight: ounces
  • Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 7 inches
  • Detection Range: -40F to 626F


The Seek CompactPRO is a powerful thermal camera that fits in your pocket and connects to your phone. It is a compact tool that is easy to carry around and can fulfill the demands of most professionals.

Seek Thermal CompactPro Review

If you want a budget thermal camera with a high-resolution, full temperature detection range and plenty of manual settings, get the Compact PRO.

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