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seek reveal review

SEEK Reveal Pro Thermal Imaging Camera Review

The Seek Reveal XR and Reveal Pro are some of the best handheld cameras you can get for their price.

seek reveal


  • Hunting
  • System inspections – HVAC, cooling systems, electrical systems etc.
  • Utilities
  • Home and facilities maintenance
  • Security

The Reveal XR has been around for longer. With a range of up to 900 feet, a 20-degree field of view and an exceptionally long 10-hour battery life, it’s perfect for outdoor uses by both pros and hobbyists.

The 206 x 156 thermal sensor picks up heat signatures easily within a versatile temperature range of -40° to 626°f.  

The Reveal Pro is the more powerful sibling for pros who need a capable but compact thermal imaging camera.

It comes with a 320 x 240 thermal sensor, more than double the temperature pixels of the XR and a range of 1,800 feet.

It is also equipped with upgraded software that provides more settings and options to suit different situations.

You can change emissivity settings for a more accurate reading, select from three operation modes, and choose from nine color filters.

Both models feature a 300-lumen LED flashlight and rugged rubberized casing for outdoor use.  

Keep reading this review to learn more about the Reveal XR and Reveal Pro, their differences and the best applications for each.

If neither of these meets your needs, then check out our reviews of the leading thermal cameras to see more recommended units.

Seek Reveal Pro Noteworthy Features

SEEK Reveal XR Thermal Imaging Camera

The Reveal Pro is just as compact as the Reveal XR, down to the exact dimensions. It spots the same rugged rubberized exterior and 3-button control panel at the top.

It’s also just as rugged with a rubberized casing and a 2.4 Inch color display with Corning Gorilla Glass.  

Beyond that, these two thermal cameras are starkly different. The Pro is generally more powerful, has higher image resolution, and boasts wider application versatility.

 Here’s how it stands out.

1,800 feet detection distance and 32-degree FOV

The Pro can pick up heat signatures at double the distance of the XR. This makes it particularly useful for outdoor applications.

The longer detection range is accompanied by a wider 32-degree field of view that allows the sensor to pick up more detail at longer distances.

320 x 240 sensor

The longer detection distance is thanks to a more powerful sensor that maintains high resolution for both close-up and far away objects.  

The sensor has a resolution of 76,800 pixels, more than double the 32,136-pixel resolution of the Reveal XR.

For pros who need highly detailed imagery for sensitive applications such as inspections and facilities maintenance, the Reveal Pro is the best choice.

4X digital zoom

Yet another handy tool that we have a powerful sensor to thank for is the 4X digital zoom. This gives you a closer look at far away objects and is especially useful when you don’t want to get too close.

3 Imaging Modes

Normal: The normal/default imaging mode. This mode provides the smoothest frame rate, making it the best for imaging moving objects and when you are moving.

Full frame: The camera displays all temperature data of a scene. Ideal for when you want to get more detail out of a scene.

Span and level: This mode lets you filter out objects that are not within the set temperature range, so you are only left with the ones you are interested in. This is handy for applications like inspections and maintenance.

In all three modes, you can select from a variety of filters. 

Emissivity Control

To get accurate temperature readings, you can adjust emissivity settings depending on the type of surface you are inspecting.

There are four emissivity settings: matter, semi-matte, semi-gloss, and gloss.

4 hours battery life 

It’s no surprise that the Reveal Pro has shorter battery life. The high resolution and powerful sensor require plenty of power.

Four hours is still long enough for most applications. For projects that will take longer, consider carrying along a power bank or solar generator.

The camera comes with a USB cable for charging.

Built-in Storage  

Don’t bother with an SD card. The Reveal Pro comes with 4GB of built-in storage for your thermal images.

You can transfer the images to your computer using the included USB cable.

Limitation of SEEK Reveal Pro

Even though the SEEK Reveal Pro is an incredible infrared camera, it has some shortcomings that you should know. 

One major limitation is the small detection range. With this thermal imager, you can detect an object only 1800 feet away from you. Most other thermal cameras offer a higher detection range value at the same price. 

Another trouble is the low image resolution. The 320 x 240 resolution suits beginners and intermediate users, but it’s not good enough for experts. The low resolution can also be a problem for those who look for minor temperature changes. If the images are not clear enough with distinct object boundaries, it is hard to assess the situation.

Plus, since the SEEK Reveal Pro has limited imaging options, it might lower your efficiency. 

You should also know that the SEEK Reveal Pro does not work through transparent surfaces. So, let’s say, if you need to get thermal images with the windows of your car closed, this camera is not suitable for you. It also does not work on objects immersed in water.

Users also report having a hard time with daytime use of the Seek Reveal Pro. 

The camera works fine in low light conditions and in the dark, but not in a well-lit room or in outdoor settings. It picks up on sunlight and background light, which minimizes the distinction between objects and their surroundings.

You will also have to squint your eyes or shield the screen from sunlight to view the images better. 

This SEEK infrared camera relies solely on internal storage to record images. This means you have to stick to the 4GB storage that the camera comes with. You cannot use a MicroSD card to record the observations. 

However, you can promptly transfer data to your computer via a USB cable to free up space for more images.

The SEEK Reveal Pro has a rechargeable battery, which doesn’t take a lot of time to charge. But, the battery life can be discouraging since you can only get 4 hours of use on a complete charge. This can be a problem, especially for technicians who need their equipment to work as long as a typical workday. 

How is SEEK Reveal Pro better than SEEK Reveal XR

The SEEK Reveal Pro is better than SEEK Reveal XR in multiple ways. It has a higher resolution of 320 x 240, which is much more reliable than the 206 x 156 resolution of the Seek Reveal XR. So, the SEEK Reveal Pro gives you clearer images with better object boundaries. 

The field of view also distinguishes the two models. The Reveal Pro thermal camera has a 32-degree FOV, while the Reveal XR has a 20-degree FOV. The SEEK Reveal Pro has a longer detection range as it can detect objects as far as 1800 feet. However, the SEEK Reveal XR allows you to track objects up to only 900 feet away. 

The SEEK Reveal Pro also has 4 GB internal storage, which helps you avoid the clutter of an SD card. This way, you do not have to worry about carrying an SD card or a card case with you while you leave for work. 

However, the Seek Reveal XR lacks internal storage. You have to rely on the SD card to store and transfer data while using it. 

Seek Reveal XR and Reveal Pro Limitations 

seek thermal reveal xr review

Compared to the Pro, the XR has many limitations. It has a smaller detection range, lower image resolution, and fewer imaging options.

It also lacks internal storage, which is more convenient than a fiddly SD card.

The Pro, on the other hand suffers from lower battery life though that’s understandable considering it has features that are more powerful and thus more power-hungry.


SEEK Reveal Pro


Max detection distance

320 x 240

1800 feet

Field of view

Temperature range



Battery life


32 degrees

-40°F to 626°F

5 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches

6.25 ounces

4 hours

 4GB internal storage


seek thermal reveal xr thermal imager

Professional quality thermal imaging cameras often cost thousands of dollars.

I’m not saying that the Reveal XR or Reveal Pro is as powerful as a $1,000+ model.

But for the price, they provide a really nice selection of features and great thermal imaging capability.  

For pros and hobbyists who are looking for a cheap thermal camera powerful enough for most applications yet small enough to carry in your pocket, the Seek Reveal XR and Reveal Pro are both great choices.

The XR is perfect as an entry-level thermal imaging camera.

The XR Pro is for pros or anyone who needs to take their thermal imaging a step higher.

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