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sig sauer scope review

Sig Sauer Echo 3 Thermal Scope Review

A thermal scope is considered one of the most crucial tools in a hunter’s gear and is a popular night vision technology.

 It is based on the principle of thermal imaging, which essentially revolves around detecting an object’s emitted infrared radiation to form an image and improve visibility even in a dark surrounding.

 It can be a great device to make hunting adventure a bit more fun and innovative by providing excellent-quality images and videos of your target.

It is difficult not to mention SIG Sauer’s ECHO3, which is a direct view thermal reflex sight when talking about excellent thermal sights.

 This incredible thermal scope is ultra-compact and lightweight, making it easy to mount and convenient to use.

It uses the SIG Sauer BDX technology, and is able to record images and videos in eight different color palettes. 

Regular thermal displays may cause eye fatigue as they force one to look through the sight. However, this isn’t the case with Sig Sauer’s ECHO3.

It has a direct view thermal display, which enables you to sit back as it identifies the target.

Plus, this MOTAC™ display is able to sense motion with a runtime of six hours and provides six different brightness settings.

It has raised the standards set by traditional thermal scopes to offer a more accurate aim and a more comfortable experience for the user.

 The incredible SIG Sauer ECHO3 is available in two different variants that have either 1-6x or 2-12x magnification.

What’s Unique about the Sig Sauer ECHO3 Thermal Reflex Scope

Wondering what sets Sig Sauer ECHO3 apart from the rest of its counterparts? Well, it is an ultra-compact and lightweight device, but don’t let its size fool you. It has one of the most innovative designs on the market. 

 It truly packs a punch. The incredible technologies this unit is equipped with allow you to enjoy hunting to its fullest and enable you to shoot the target with utmost accuracy.

Furthermore, Sig Sauer is a leading name in the electro-optics business and is credited for creating some of the best night vision and thermal imaging devices in the market.

Sig Sauer has created optics for shooters of all types; including military, law enforcement, hunters, and even competitive shooters. Their scopes are truly game-changing and remain unmatched in accuracy, innovation, and output quality.


One of the most appreciated features of the Sig thermal sight is its magnification power. 

The Sig Sauer Echo3 thermal scope promises a clear view of long-distance targets.

The first-version Echo3 has a 1-6x magnification range and is best for hog hunting. Its superior performance makes it ideal for medium-range detection. 

The newer version has a magnification range of 2-12x and provides a crisp view of long-distance targets. So, you do not have to worry about dead pixels or grainy images. 

In addition to that, the Sig Echo 3 has a 6x digital zooming range, which further ensures a clear view of long-distance targets.  

And the field of view of 10 degrees gives you a wide view of your surroundings. 

To sum up, the two versions of the Sig Echo 3 differ in magnification power but offer the same image quality. So while the 1-6x Echo3 is great for medium-range viewing, the 2-12x is ideal for long-distance viewing. 


  • Magnification: 2-12x or 1-6x
  • Adjustment increments: 0.5 MOA
  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm or 23 mm
  • Battery: (2) CR123
  • Overall length: 4.3 in.
  • Overall width: 2.6 in.
  • Height: 3.3 in.
  • Weight: 14.3 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Waterproofing: IPX-6
  • Illumination settings: 8 Color Palettes and 6 Brightness Settings
  • Total elevation travel: 150 MOA x 150 MOA
  •  Sensor: 320x240 12µ VOx LWIR Core
  • Run time: greater than 6 hours with heavy usage

Unique Features

A few features of the Sig Sauer thermal scope make it stand out and shine brighter than its competition. Let’s take an in-depth look into these:


This highly versatile scope has a compact size with the dimensions of 4.3 x 2.6 x 3.3 inches. However, it can fit rifles of all sizes well.

Due to its lightweight construction, it is easy to travel with and operate. You can easily mount and remove it.

ECHO3 has been designed with WGP™ (weapon-grade polymer), which is a lightweight, textured polymer to optimize its usage with polymer pistols.

The construction of this thermal scope features an IPX-6 rating, which makes it waterproof.

 It weighs about 14.3 oz, and due to its ideal construction, it works well for hog or predator hunting.


Traditionally, scopes come with an eyepiece through which users have to look at their target. After a while, this can be a major reason for eye fatigue.

 Keeping this in mind, this thermal scope has been designed with an advanced, direct view thermal display. This allows hunters to lay back, relax a bit, and look at a high-resolution image of their hunt.

Furthermore, this stunning display is activated through the motion-sensing technology MOTAC.

This enables the display to immediately power up as it detects any motion. Whereas if there is no motion, it doesn’t power up to save battery life.

The display is OLED (organic light-emitting diode) with an excellent dynamic range. It is capable of providing high brightness even in sunlight and snowy conditions or dimming down near to night vision levels at dusk.


The optics of SIG Sauer are second to none, consisting of the most innovative technologies out there.

The advanced optical systems consist of ED (High definition) and HT (High Transmission) glass, which ensures an ultra-high resolution and excellent light transmission for superior optical performance.

Furthermore, it has precision-molded aspheric lens technology that eliminates aberration and reduces weight. This helps the projected image to be in focus and ensures it has minimum distortion optical performance.

 The clear and crisp image users are then able to see is partly because the lens has abrasion-resistant coatings, which makes it durable, sharp, and bright.

Moreover, the Proprietary Mil-Spec oleophobic coating aids in shedding oil, water, and any form of gunk to always offer a clean sight to the shooter.

Battery life

The SIG Sauer is powered by a CR123 battery, which provides a continuous run time of greater than six hours, even after heavy usage.

 Thus, it’s perfect for those who go on long hunting trips and need a reliable scope for those prolonged observation periods.

This is a rechargeable battery, so you can keep a charging device and USB cable if you’re on the go.

BDX technology

This thermal scope is designed with BDX technology, which chooses the most appropriate color palette for capturing pictures or videos in that environment.

This technology massively improves your shooting experience, plus it allows you to exactly target the hidden hunt.

Meanwhile, the KILO BDX Rangefinder in this scope aids in showing the right distance and height that a long-range target is at, so you can make the most accurate shot.

Color palettes:

SIG Sauer thermal scope comes with several color palette options, which is an excellent feature to have. Color palettes essentially offer a customized display option.

This unit comes with eight different color palettes: Tyrion, Iron, Fire, White Hot, Black Hot, Red Scale, Red Hot, and Edge.

This feature allows one to spot the target even in unfavorable conditions and reduce eye fatigue, which may otherwise occur due to prolonged observation.

It has six different brightness settings. Thus, it will work well in low lighting conditions.


Given the solid construction and smooth operating capabilities, SIG Sauer offers an incredible 5-year electronic and tritium component warranty for this thermal scope. 

Furthermore, for the rest of the components not covered under the SIG Sauer infinite guarantee, the brand will cover any material and workmanship defects in electronic or tritium components under this service.

The warranty comes into effect from the date of manufacture, and if during these five years the product was to experience trouble. 

It could be due to defects in material or workmanship of the electronic and Tritium components, then your scope will be repaired absolutely free of cost.

If SIG Sauer is unable to repair your scope, they will replace it with a product that is in equal or better working condition.

With proper maintenance and good care, the scope should well outlast its warranty.

Sig Sauer ECHO3 Thermal Reflex Scope Variants

sig sauer scope review

There are two variants of the ECHO Thermal Reflex Scope that differ in magnification and price. One variant has a 1-6x magnification range, and the other has a 2-12x magnification range.

 The magnification of the scope has immense value because it is a deciding factor in whether or not you’ll be able to get a clear view of a long-distance target.

What Makes it Better than the Echo1 Thermal Reflex Sight

Both the scopes provide the same image and video quality and ensure a comfortable handling experience. But the one aspect they differ in is magnification.

The magnification of one variant of the ECHO3 thermal reflex scope is 2x to 12x, which is better for long-distance hunting.

It allows a more crisp, clear, and better-quality view of the target at a distance.

The newer variant also has a 10-degree field of view, so a wider view of the surrounding is possible.

On the other hand, the 1x to 6x variant is better for hog hunting or medium-distance hunting, and it has a narrower field of vision which doesn’t allow as wide a look at the surrounding as the other variant.

 It is also the more affordable option out of the two.

Where to Buy the Sig Sauer ECHO3 Thermal Reflex Scope

You can buy the SIG Sauer ECHO3 Thermal Reflex scope here.

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