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Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera Review

A security camera is a must-have these days. It is an excellent protection tool for both indoor and outdoor applications. They keep you safe from theft and vandalism. 

While traditional outdoor security cameras may need a light source to capture meaningful footage, you can avoid this issue with a good thermal sensor security camera.

And one of the best options for that is the Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera Review. 

Like most traditional security cameras, this unit also features a compact size. It measures around 5.91 × 2.6× 2.6 inches while weighing merely a pound. 

It is designed in a bullet shape with an IP66 waterproof rating. Hence, the device can survive heavy rains and won’t be affected by dust.

Its operating temperature ranges from 4°F to 113°F so it can withstand both high and low temperatures easily. 

While you won’t be able to make out much just by looking at its face, the camera is equipped with a PIR motion sensor, two infrared LEDs, a microphone, and an ambient light sensor. 

It has a 110-degree field of view and records video in a sharp and clear 1080p full HD.

The two infrared lights increase its night vision and work together to illuminate up to 100 feet of area with its infrared visibility. 

The device has an onboard memory that can store the video for seven days. But if you want to increase its memory, you can take out a subscription to Swann’s ExtraSafe cloud recording plan.

It enables you to save 30 days of video history to the cloud. The subscription costs around $50 per year. 

With its WiFi connectivity, you can link the camera to your smartphone. All you have to do is download the Safe by Swann app and register yourself as a user.

Next, you can connect the thermal camera to Swann’s network and set it up. 

The camera icon shows up as a tile on the app dashboard. You can click on it to view the live feed.

You might notice a slight fisheye distortion; otherwise, the image is quite sharp and clear.

Its installation is a simple process. The device comes with all the required hardware and a mounting plate.

Unlike the camera itself, the AC adapter that comes with it is not waterproof. 

So wherever you decide to install it, be sure of a way to thread the power cable back into your home. It also means you might have to drill a hole in the wall. 

However, the good news is that the camera comes with a 60-foot extension cable, so you have some flexibility. 


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No matter how we gush on about the unit's features and specifications, the fact remains that nothing is perfect. Of course, the Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera also has some limitations, such as

  • The smartphone app is difficult to navigate through
  • It does not support two-way audio or video
  • Lacks alert scheduling option
  • AC adapter is not waterproof
  • Video has a slight fisheye distortion

Unique Features

swann pro series hd

Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera stood out to us for a number of features that make it superior to other security cameras. These include:

Warning Features

One of the best things about this security camera is the amazing warning features.

For one, it has a sensor warning that allows the camera to turn off a light which is enough to scare potential intruders away. 

It is also equipped with heat and motion sensors that monitor activity around your house. 

These work together to monitor activities around your home, and if it detects something unusual, it sends an alert to your mobile phone, informing you of the situation.

Furthermore, it can emit a loud siren to warn unwanted visitors they are being watched. 


Being an outdoor security camera, this device is made to be extremely weatherproof.

It has IP66 water and dustproof rating, so it is completely protected against rain and dust. No matter what the season, rain or shine, it can record clear and detailed footage on any weather conditions. 

It even has a special thermal sensor that grants its night vision capabilities. Even when it is pitch dark, the camera can still record colored footage of your outdoor area. 

Ease of installation 

The biggest perk of this camera is its ease of installation. Unlike some other units, you don’t need to call a professional to install it for you.

Instead, you can easily install it yourself because it comes as a kit complete with all the hardware and a mounting plate for proper installation. 

If you are good with tools, you can rise up to the challenge and install it yourself. But if you are not entirely sure what to do, we suggest getting professional help. 

Smartphone App

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Thanks to its Digital Video Recording (DVR) compatibility, you can connect the camera to your mobile phone via the Safe by Swann app. 

It allows you to view live playback videos on your smartphone. This way, you can react when the camera sends you an alert and keep an eye out for intruders when you are away for long. 

The app also allows you to subscribe to the Swann ExtraSafe Cloud recording to store over a month’s footage instead of the onboard storage that offers only seven days worth of footage. 


Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera comes from a renowned manufacturer of security products.

They have worked hard to supply security equipment that can keep your house safe day and night, seven days a week. 

They back their cameras with strong customer support, so you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting this camera.

And it comes with a 12-month warranty, so you can have the unit looked at and replaced within the time period. 

Issues & Concerns

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Here are some issues and concerns to look out for in Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera:

Non-replaceable battery 

As some users pointed out, you cannot replace the battery on the unit once it dies. Although you can continue to use it on the AC supply, it won’t function if not connected to the AC adapter. 

Video quality decreases as you zoom in

This issue is not unique to this security camera only. As with most DVR devices, the image quality of the footage decreases as you zoom in. This is more noticeable when you are viewing the footage on a smartphone screen. 

As you pan and zoom the image using finger gestures, the image quality starts decreasing. The more you enlarge it, the blurrier it gets. 

No two-way audio or video support 

This is the most noticeable limitation of this camera. While many modern security cameras these days support two-way video and audio, this device only allows you to see and hear what’s going on outdoors. There is no way to communicate with your visitors verbally or via video. 

Care and Maintenance

swann professional hd security system

The best thing about this security camera is its water and dust proofing. The IP66-rated waterproofing ensures that the device stays safe no matter the weather conditions.

So there is not much to do about its care and maintenance. However, here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

The first thing to remember is that its AC adapter is not waterproof; you should not leave it outside during the rainy season. For safety reasons, it is advised to position it inside the house during installation.

You can thread it via a window or drill a dedicated hole in the wall.

Another important thing to remember is its WiFi connection. Make sure the device stays within the range of your network; otherwise, it won’t be able to send you alerts about suspicious activity. 


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Swann strongly stands behind all its products. They back them up with superior customer support as well as comprehensive warranties to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

This holds true for their 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera. 

It comes with a 12-month warranty, so you can rest with peace of mind that your camera will continue to function. 


  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 5.91 × 2.6× 2.6 inches
  • Viewing Angle: 90
  • Video Quality: 1080p
  • Sensor: PIR Thermal and Motion Sensor
  • Night Vision Distance: up to 100 feet
    IP rating: 66
  • Audio Microphone: Yes

Comparing the Swann 1080p with PRO-1080MSD

The Swann 1080p Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera is often confused with their PRO-1080MSD Thermal Sensing Security Camera.

Let us tell you they are two separate drives manufactured by the same brand with slightly different specifications. 

Here is an account of their similarities and differences. 


The most obvious similarity, of course, is that they are both security cameras manufactured by the same brand, Swann. Then they are both thermal sensing cameras that can detect heat to detect unusual activities. 

They also sense motion and send alerts to the homeowner if something is suspicious. They support DVR and can display real-time footage on a mobile device via the compatible app. 

Both also have advanced night vision technology that enables them to survey the area even if it is dark. 


The first difference, of course, is their shape. The Swann 1080p Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera features a bullet-shaped design, while the Swann PRO-1080MSD Thermal Sensing Camera is a dome-shaped device. 

Secondly, there is a slight difference in their viewing angles. The PRO-1080MSD has an 85° viewing angle, while Swann 1080p Thermal Sensor Camera boasts a wide 90° viewing angle. 

The construction material of both devices is also quite different. Swann 1080p Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera is made out of polycarbonate, while the PRO-1080MSD features a more durable and long-lasting aluminum body.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in getting the Swann 1080p Thermal Sensor Outdoor camera, you can order one here

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