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Thermal Camera Market Is Heating Up!

Thanks to the march of technology and dramatically lower prices, the demand for thermal cameras is really heating up.

Whether they’re used for inspecting air ducts, electrical panels, industrial pumps or leaky windows, the emergence of cheap smartphone thermal cameras and drone-based IR cameras means thermal imaging is finding a job or two in every home and industry, today.

This infographic explains:

  • what thermal cameras are
  • who uses thermal cameras
  • what we use thermal imaging to do
  • how IR thermal cameras work
  • how many are sold today
  • who makes them
  • the key features to look for when buying a thermal camera, IR camera or thermal imaging system.

We also dispel 8 popular myths people that many still believe about thermal cameras and IR imaging.

Shopping for a Thermal Camera?

To learn more about thermal cameras and the features that matter, read our thermal camera buyers’ guide.

thermal cameras infographic


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