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Thermoworks Infrared Thermometer Review

A decent infrared thermometer is a must-have to get the right temperature measurements, especially in a lab or field setting. 

And one of the best infrared thermometers for field work is the Thermoworks IR-IND.

It combines efficiency and accuracy and is great for measuring various surface types, thanks to its adjustable emissivity. 

It is calibrated to measure a wide range of operating temperatures and has an incredible response time of just 1 second. With its 30:1 distance-to-spot ratio, you can take the reading of a small targeted area from an impressive distance.

Plus, its large backlit LCD display shows the readings clearly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Thermoworks IR-IND.   


  • On the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Lacks a flashlight function
  • Doesn’t have a memory function

Unique Features 

There are several infrared thermometers in the market, which only begs the question: what’s so great about this one? 

Well, a lot! 

It has several amazing features that make it stand out from its counterparts. These include:


thermoworks infrared thermometer

This thermometer is well-made and sturdy yet not heavy and hard to handle. It just needs to be pointed to the targeted location to get a reading.

Where most thermometers have a simple dot laser, this one has an 8-point circle laser that makes it much easier to target a surface and get a reading.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable emissivity function, so you can easily measure the temperature of various surfaces.

Moreover, it comes with a 30:1 distance-to-spot ratio, so you can measure the temperature of a small target area, even from an impressive distance (inch spot at 30 in. distance).

This feature aids in keeping the lens cool even while measuring hot surfaces.


thermoworks infrared food safety thermometer

It has a large LCD display that shows the temperature readings in a clear, large font, so it is easy to read.

The display has a backlit feature that you can switch on and off, according to convenience. 

So, if you need to use the thermometer in poorly lit areas, this feature comes in handy. 

Furthermore, the two-line display shows the infrared and thermocouple readings simultaneously.

Response Time:

One of the key elements of any thermometer is how efficient it is. It has an excellent response time of just one second which is impressive, as most available units require five seconds or longer to take a reading. 

Moreover, with this unit, you can get a temperature reading in your preferred unit, either °C or °F. 

Furthermore, you can use this thermometer with a small probe to get the internal temperature of food, whereas the surface temperature can be measured using the laser.

This dual temperature reading function might not be useful to all, but it is still a convenient feature to have.

Comparing Thermoworks with Similar Variants

There are several infrared thermometers on the market; however, the Thermoworks infrared thermometer is one of the best ones you can get your hands on.

It has a 30:1 measurement angle and can accept thermocouple probes too. This isn’t a commonly found feature. 

The IR-IND is the company’s more expensive unit, where they have a more budget-friendly unit as well.

Most IR thermometers have a single dot circle laser, whereas this unit has an 8-point laser circle, making it easier to target and define the area measured.

Unlike other units on the market, it allows adapting the emissivity so one can measure the temperature of different surfaces.  

Issues & Concerns

infrared cooking thermometer reviews

This is a good thermometer, but a few changes can be done to make it even better.

These aren’t major concerns; however, they certainly are issues worth mentioning. 


There are a couple of design additions that would make this unit a bit more convenient. 

Firstly, it doesn’t have a flashlight feature which could be useful for locating the targeted surface when taking readings at night.

Having a lanyard attached to the unit would make it much handier, especially when used around an open fire, grille or in cold temperatures when hands get numb.


This thermometer is slightly expensive; however, you’re certainly paying for quality.

It might not fit everyone’s budget, but if you can save up on splurge on it, it is worth the price. 

If this still seems too much money to spend on a thermometer, you can simply check affordable Thermoworks infrared options like the IRK-2.

Care and Maintenance

ir food thermometer

It is important to invest in a good-quality thermometer, so it can last a long time. Nobody really likes to keep buying thermometers because your previous one broke. 

However, it is important to care for and clean a thermometer properly, so it lasts a long time. Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips to follow:

  • The thermometer is to be kept at room temperature
  • Care is required when cleaning the thermometer as its lens is quite delicate
  • To clean the lens, use a soft cloth or cotton swab and pour some medical alcohol or water on it. Wipe the lens gently with it.
  • Let the lens dry completely before using it
  • No part of the thermometer is supposed to be submerged in water or any liquid
  • In case a ‘low battery’ icon flashes on the display, replace the batteries immediately with 2x AAA, 1.5V batteries.


This thermometer comes with a 1-year guarantee service, which warrants the product to be free from defects in manufacturing and material.

The warranty is only applicable to the original buyer and only if the product is directly bought from Thermoworks. 

Furthermore, Thermoworks handles all the warranty claims no matter where the item was purchased.


  • Dimensions: 4.7 in. H x 1.87 in. W x 6.76 in. D
  • Weight: 9 oz.
  • Units: Measures in °C or °F
  • Spectral Range: 8 to 14 µm
  • Battery: 2x AAA (10 hrs.)
  • Emissivity: 0.95 default (adjustable)
  • Accuracy (Tamb=25°C): 59 to 95°F ±1.8°F (15 to 35°C ±1.0°C)
  • Certificate: include certificate of conformance
  • Infrared Range: -76 to 1400°F (-60 to 760°C)
  • Thermocouple Range: -83.2 to 2552°F (-64 to 1400°C)
  • Infrared response: 1 Second
  • Resolution: 0.1° from -9.9 to 199.9, 1° thereafter
  • Distance to target: 30:1 (1" target diameter at 30" distance)
  • Auto-off: 60 seconds
  • Display: Bright, backlit
  • Operating Range: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

Where to Buy

Looking to purchase one for yourself? You can buy the Thermoworks infrared thermometer here.  

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