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Trijcon Reap-IR Mini 35 thermal riflescope

Trijicon Reap-IR Mini 35 (IRMS-35) Thermal Riflescope Review

The Trijicon Teo Reap-IR IRMS-35 is a high-end thermal riflescope with top of the line optics and military-grade build quality. 

It’s a great choice for hunters looking for a compact and lightweight thermal riflescope that delivers crisp images and can see hundreds of yards away. 

The IRMS-35’s great optics don't come cheap. It’s one of the most expensive thermal rifle scopes in the market. While it does have its issues and limitations, most users say it is worth the money. 

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  • Professional hunters.
  • Ranchers looking for a way to spot and take down predators and invasive species like wild hogs.
  • Home and institutional security.

Noteworthy Features

The Trijicon Reap-IR IRMS-35 maxes out almost every aspect of optics. You get the fastest refresh rate, the highest thermal resolution and one of the longest detection and identification ranges of any thermal riflescope. 

640 x 480 Thermal Resolution 

640 x 480 is the highest thermal resolution currently available in thermal imaging products. The IRMS-35’s high thermal resolution makes for crisp thermal images that make it easy to identify animals in the dark. 

The sensor is able to pick up the tiniest temperature differences in the environment. This makes it possible to see targets through fog and when it’s snowing or raining. 

Another advantage of the high thermal resolution is increased range. Hunters who’ve bought the IRMS-35 riflescope say they are able to see animals as small as bats from 300 yards away. 

For larger animals like hogs, you can detect and identify targets from over a 1,000 yards away. 

So if you do a lot of long distance hunting, the IRMS-35 is a great choice. 

1.75X Magnification + 8X Digital Zoom

If you want to get a closer look at a target without getting too close and scaring it away, the Trijicon IRMS-35 offers a total 20X magnification. 

This includes a base optical magnification of 1.75X plus digital zoom of 8X. 

Optical magnification lets you zoom in without losing image quality. Digital zoom gets you an even closer view, but you’ll notice some noise and fuzziness in the image. 

60Hz Frame Rate

When it comes to hunting, a fast frame rate is essential when shopping for a thermal riflescope. It makes it possible to keep up with moving targets. 

The IRMS-35 features a 60Hz refresh/frame rate, the highest among thermal imagers in the market. Not only does it make it easier to track a moving animal, it’s also easier to maintain your target while moving. 

The IRMS-35 also offers a 30Hz power saving option that extends battery life. 

Stadiametric Ranging 

The IRMS-35 doesn't have an advanced ballistic calculator like that found in ATN riflescopes. What you get is a stadiametric rangefinder. 

While the rangefinder doesn't have as many features as the ATN ballistic calculator, it’s good enough for determining distance to your targets. 

Easy to Use Thumbstick Controller 

Instead of a gazillion buttons that you have to find in the dark, the IRMS-35 thermal riflescope uses an intuitive thumbstick controller. The multi directional joystick lets you easily and quickly navigate the menu and adjust settings in the dark.  

Lightweight With Solid Build Quality 

One of the reasons the Reap-IR IRMS-35 is more expensive than riflescopes with the same optics is its build quality. 

The scope is built to military specifications, making it hardy, durable and incredibly light.  

To keep it strong and light, it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes it easy to carry around with you and ensures it can withstand rough handling. It is waterproof up to a depth of 1m. So an accidental dunk in the water or exposure to rain will not damage it. 

No wonder Trijicon offers a lifetime warranty on the optics and housing. 

For added protection and ease of portability, you’ll receive a hard carry case along with the riflescope. 


For the price you are paying, the IRMS-35 riflescope could have done better in certain areas. Here are the biggest issues we have with this otherwise excellent thermal riflescope. 

No Color Palettes

It’s hard to believe, but the IRMS-35 does not offer any palettes beyond black and white. Virtually all riflescopes, including the cheapest ones, let you choose between several palettes for different environments. 

Some colored palettes are also better for your eyes; they allow your eye to adapt faster to the darkness when you take it off the scope. 

The black and white thermal images of the IRMS-35 are great at detecting animals in the dark, but it would have been nice to have more options. 

Battery Life

Battery life for the IRMS-35 sucks. The scope comes with a pair of CR123 batteries, each with a 2-hour battery life. So in total you have 4 hours of battery life. Compare this to other premium riflescopes like ATN ThOR that have 10+ hours of battery life. 

The lack of a larger battery pack is probably by design to reduce weight. But it’s still an inconvenience when you want to hunt for hours. You have to carry extra batteries. 

Manual Calibration

Something else that is frustrating to users is the need to frequently close and open the cap to allow the thermal sensor to recalibrate. 

On other riflescopes, the system does this automatically using an internal shutter. Since the IRMS-35 doesn't have an internal shutter, you have to constantly close and open the lens cap. 

No Video/Image Recording 

Unlike most thermal riflescopes, the IRMS-35 lacks onboard video and image recording. Again, this could be because the manufacturer wanted to save on weight.  

If you want to record video, you have to buy a pricey cable from Trijicon and connect it to an external DVR. 

If video and image recording is a big deal for you, we recommend ATN’s range of scopes. They’ll even record video for you automatically when you take a shot, letting you capture the most important moments. 


  • Thermal resolution: 640 x 480
  • Field of view: 12 degrees
  • Magnification: 1.75-20X
  • Refresh rate: 60/30 Hz
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Weight: 20 ounces
  • Mount: Picatinny rail mount


Our conclusion is the same as that of hunters who’ve used the Trijicon Reap-IR IRMS-35 riflescope: it’s well worth the money. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a riflescope that combines excellent optics with military-level build quality and portability. 

Sure, it’s not quite a 5-star product - more like a 4 or 4.5 thanks to the battery life, lack of color palettes and manual calibration. But the good features more than make up for the few issues. 

If all you need is a riflescope that can see far and identify everything from a rabbit to a hog, you’ve got a winner in the Trijicon Reap-IR IRMS-35. 

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