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veridian touch free infrared thermometer

Veridian Touch Free Infrared Thermometer Reviews

Infrared Thermometers have been an exceptional and rather smart invention.

Therefore, they have been picking up pace in the market and are being loved and used by many across the globe. 

One such example is the Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer.

This is a contactless or touch-free thermometer. This means it doesn’t come into contact with its object.

This makes it rather safe and hygienic, especially in Covid times where contactless fever detection is becoming more and more important. 

However, its uses in the medical arena are not restricted to the pandemic.

Its accuracy and wide temperature range make it reliable and trustworthy to not only be used on you and your loved ones but also for other domestic purposes as well. 

Manufacturers have added little bits of convenience for their customers like a large backlit display, fever mode, auto shut-down feature, low battery icon, and recording previous readings. 

Such features showcase a lot of commitment and concern from the company who paid attention to tiny details to allow their customers a smooth experience, and this is exactly why we love this product.

Plus, it comes with a warranty! Read on to know everything we have to say about this thermometer. 


  • Not a waterproof unit
  • It arrives with dead batteries, so you cannot use it instantly
  • The readings may not always be accurate, so it might give a false sense of alarm or fever

Unique Features

veridian thermometer

Ever since infrared thermometers have gained popularity due to their non-invasive nature, more and more people have started to purchase them.

This can put a buyer into a bit of a pickle as they struggle to choose one product from hundreds and thousands. 

This is why we have included this section to highlight all the things that we love about the Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer and why we think that you should buy it.


Many people are under the misconception that just because infrared thermometers do not come into contact with the target object or person, this means they are not accurate. Well, as we said, it’s a misconception - and a big one. 

The Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer is crazy accurate and gives precise and accurate readings that are comparable to oral ones, whether you want to use it on a human or an inanimate object.

Temperature Range

This is one of the most significant features of a thermometer as it dictates the kind of use you can get out of it.

The Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer has a wide range of 50F to 122F for people and 32F to 221F for any object or liquid. 

This means that you can use it on people with critical condition or inside the kitchen or any other domestic use you might have for a thermometer.


Even though the name gives this part away, we don’t believe it fully does justice in explaining how huge of a blessing this is.

Since it does not touch the patient’s body or the object’s surface, you don’t have to worry about transferring dangerous germs through a thermometer. 

Moreover, you can use it a fair few times without cleaning it after every use as the risk of contamination has been eliminated. This is not only a convenience but also a huge hygiene benefit.

Store Earlier Readings

Not every infrared thermometer in the market has this feature; even those that do can only store the last one or two readings. 

The Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer can store the last 30 readings that you take.

This means no more stressing out about whether the fever medicine is working or if your kid, spouse, or you are doing better. 

You can just check out the previous readings and escape the hassle of noting them down.

Fever Indicator

veridian thermometer review

Even though most people know the right reading to determine when a person is feverish, if those numbers confuse, or even if they don’t, the fever indicator provides added convenience. 

The happy and sad represent a normal or a fever reading, respectively.

A reading higher than 100.4F is a fever, and below it is normal.

Large Backlit Display

The thermometer has a huge display so that you can easily read the reading without needing to grab your glasses in most cases.

It also has a backlit display, which means you don’t have to turn on the light and wake your baby up to check its temperature.

Comparing Veridian Touch-Free with HoMedics

We understand that the market for infrared thermometers is burgeoning with new products and models rolling in. 

Therefore, below, we compare the Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer with the HoMedics Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer to give our readers a more holistic picture.

The HoMedics Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer is another great option, and the manufacturer is a trusted name in the market.  As an infrared thermometer, it too has a non-invasive design and is also pretty accurate.

It can store up to the last 50 readings and works smoothly. Moreover, it has a fever indicator like the Veridian Thermometer.  The Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer, however, also takes an edge in certain aspects.

It has a one-second response time as compared to the two-second time of the HoMedics Thermometer.Moreover, while it offers a warranty of three years, the HoMedics has a one-year warranty.

To conclude, both are excellent options with commendable features and preferences.There are some differences, and those will dictate the choice of the customer.

Whichever set of features is more important to you and fits your needs should be your pick. In our opinion, the Veridian pulls ahead.

Issues & Concerns

We never push our readers into buying a product blindly. We encourage thorough research, which is why we haven’t just highlighted the pros but also some concerns about the Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer.

Optical Hazard

Although the infrared technology integrated into the Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer is safe, it is still always better to avoid looking directly at the lens during use to avoid any temporary discomfort for extra sensitive eyes.


Keep this thermometer out of reach of children and pets, and use it under the supervision of a responsible adult. 

Moreover, it is to be stored in a clean, dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight.

The storage place should also not be humid or subject to extreme temperatures. This should be fairly easy to find as it is a small piece of equipment.

Care and Maintenance

veridian infrared thermometer

Since it is an electronic contactless thermometer, it doesn’t have crazy maintenance or cleanliness needs. 

The lens needs to be cleaned before and after every use to clean any residual fingerprints or dirt; light dabs with alcohol swabs should do the trick.

The body of the thermometer can be cleaned using a clean and dry cloth.

Make sure that you don’t use paper towels for the lens as it may scratch the surface, and don’t immerse the product in any liquid or allow it to enter the casing.

Lastly, alcohol is the only cleaning agent that can be used, so do not try any other solvents.


This unit comes with a limited warranty of three years. Having a warranty on a thermometer is pretty huge, but three years is actually impressive. 

This means that for three years from the time of purchase if your device runs into any problems because of a manufacturing defect, the company will either pay for the repair or give you a new item. 

However, if that malfunctioning is the result of an accident or improper and rough usage, the company will have no bearing on any damages.

Moreover, it doesn’t cover the batteries or any other power source used. You can find further details in the manual.


  • Results in one-second
  • Temperature range of 93.2°F – 109.4°F (34°C – 43°C) person and 32°F – 212°F (0°C – 100°C) otherwise
  • Huge backlit display
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries
  • Auto shut-off feature included
  • Readings possible in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • It has a low battery indicato

Where to Buy

If the Veridian Touch-Free Infrared Thermometer seems to be the right pick for you, you can buy it here.

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