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Best Contactless IR Thermometers & Thermal Guns

10 Educational Videos about Thermal Guns and Contactless IR Cameras

New to the healthcare and security setting, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding thermal guns and contactless IR cameras.

Enthusiasts of the technology are on the lookout for educational material that can help them understand the technology behind these guns and the way they function.

In this article we look at some of the best educational videos on thermal guns and contactless IR cameras.

1. Thermal Imaging Screening for Corona virus Checking

There has been a lot of misinformation and speculation recently over how thermal imaging screens can be used to test the temperature of coronavirus patients. This video separates fact from fiction and gives you all the information you need.

2. Thermal Imaging vs. Infrared Thermometers

Many people consider thermal imaging to be the same as infrared thermometers, with no difference between them. This video looks at both technologies and highlightsthe differences between the two.

3. Explaining Thermal Guns

Thermal guns have plenty of applications and uses. It is hard to keep track of all these applications without understanding the dynamics at play. This video teaches you about thermal guns and how they work.

4. How Infrared Imaging Cameras work

Infrared light is used for contactless IR cameras to see and measure the thermal energy being exuded by individuals. This video explores the technology and tells you all you need to know.

5. Feevr the New App

There is no better way to learn about infrared cameras and the screening methods they follow than through a new application meant for the purpose. This app informational video helps give information about contactless thermal cameras.

6. How to Use a Thermal Gun

Trying to use a thermal gun for the first time? Well, you would love to know that there are multiple steps that go into it. Follow this video to learn all the tidbits in detail.

7. Thermal Gun Review

This amazing review of a thermal gun helps teach you all you need to know about these guns. The amazing technology at play will surely blow you away.

8. How Do Thermal Cameras Work?

This video gives an amazing perspective on how thermal cameras actually work. The video explores the different narratives behind how a thermal camera helps detect heat, when you cannot do so with another regular camera.

9. Your Guide to a Tyco Illustra Pro Thermal EST camera

Looking for solutions to your thermal camera conundrum? This video helps explain the Tyco Illustra Thermal Camera and how it can detect elevated skin temperature to identify the risk of contamination. Learn how to use the device in this video.

10. How to use a Thermal Gun to Diagnose Car Problems

A thermal gun has multiple applications and one of them is detecting problems in your car. This video looks at how you can easily detect problems in your vehicle using the right thermal gun for the job.

Thermal guns and contactless IR cameras have come a long way during the past few years. These informational videos will help teach you all you need to know about them.

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