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Best ATN ThOR Thermal Scopes 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Shopping for an ATN ThOR Scope for unrestricted hunting adventures? Well, look no further. This article talks about the best ATN ThOR Thermal Scopes available on the market.

Every seasoned hunter knows that to have a successful hunting trip. You might have to spend some time after a sunset at the field. Not all riflescopes can provide clear vision in the dark and this is where ATN ThOR thermal scopes come in

As a US industry leader in high-performance optics, ATN Corp has a line of thermal imaging products. The ATN ThOR thermal scopes are among various other products offered by the company.

As one of the oldest companies in the optics industry, ATN Corp has unparalleled quality standards that leave the customers fully satisfied with their purchases.

There are plenty of different options available for you to choose a thermal scope from at ATN Corp. However, with so many options, it might get confusing to arrive at a decision. For this reason, here’s a detailed review of some of the best ATN Corp ThOR thermal scopes and everything you need to know about them.

Read on to find out!

What's in This Buying Guide

This article will serve as your one-stop guide to help you buy the right thermal scope. We first talk about ATN Corp ThOR thermal scopes and some top-rated models, followed by a detailed overview of each.

You will get to know the pros and cons of the options discussed as well. We also discuss any limitations associated with a certain model so you know what to expect from the product.

We have also the important features you should consider before buying an ATN Corp ThOR thermal scope. A detailed look into each of these factors will help readers understand what to look for in a thermal scope.

The article will also explain the use of an ATN Corp ThOR thermal scope. Finally, we will be looking at some of the most frequently asked questions about these scopes before arriving at our final verdict about the best ATN Corp ThOR thermal scope.

What are ATN ThOR Scopes? How are They Different?

ThOR scopes are a series of thermal scopes released by ATN that have an exceptional image quality.

This latest line of scope optics by ATN uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology so you can use the scope under all kind of conditions like dark, foggy, or even involving heavy smoke.

Not only that but the ATN ThOR models come with a sharp and colored reticle displayed on an OLED display. This helps shooters take precise aims by preventing misses due to faulty positioning of the rifle.

A colored reticle helps take accurate aims. The ATN ThOR series is one of the best thermal imaging scope series available on the market. It has an excellent image quality that is the result of robust technology and is available at affordable rates.

Best ATN ThOR Scopes

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  1. 1
    Best for Clear HD Vision: ATN Thor 4
  2. 2
    Best for Easy Range Finding: ATN Thor-HD 384
  3. 3
    Best Reliable for the Price: ATN Thermal Rifle Scope w/10+hrs Battery 

atn thermal scopes
  • ATN Thor 4

  • Best for clear HD vision

  • Weight:
    1.93 pounds

  • Dimensions :
    13.1 x 3 x 3 inches

  • Battery:
    16+ hrs. (rechargeable)

  • Magnification:

  • Ballistics calculator:

atn thor thermal scope
  • ATN Thor-HD 384

  • Best for easy range finding

  • Weight:
    2 pounds

  • Dimensions :
    4 x 8 x 5 inches

  • Battery :
    4AA batteries for 50 hrs.

  • Magnification:

  • Ballistics calculator :

atn thor thermal scope
  • ATN Thermal Rifle Scope w/10+hrs Battery

  • Best reliable for the price

  • Weight:
    1.4 pounds

  • Dimensions :
    11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

  • Battery :
    10+ hours with one charge of Li-ion battery

  • Magnification:
    3x to 5x

  • Ballistics calculator :
    Not present

1. Best For Clear HD Vision: ATN Thor 4

If you are a seasoned hunter looking for a high-end thermal scope, then this ATN ThOR rifle scope might be the one for you. It is packed with robust technology that makes hunting more accurate and successful.


  • Equipped with an ultra-sensitive next-generation sensor for clear images.

  • A ballistic calculator helps determine the exact ballistics for a successful shot every time.
  • Allows dual-stream video recording on phone and SD card
  • Supports a comfortable eye relief
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allow ease in data transfer.


  • This option is a little expensive.

Our Review

The ATN ThOR 4 640 scope is one of the most celebrated ATN scopes for all the right reasons. It is packed with a plethora of useful features that ensure that your hunting trips are successful, be it day or night. It weighs only 1.93 pounds which is surprisingly light for its size.

The scope is equipped with an ultra-sensitive next-generation sensor that provides clear and crisp images. An improved resolution, smooth gradation, and higher sensitivity come into play to provide an HD quality image of the fields to the hunter. You don’t have to worry about the image's quality falling due to distance or the lack of light.

All hunters want to have a successful hit every time they shoot. This is not only for the success of the trip but also to prevent the animal from suffering. The ATN ThOR 4 helps them do just that. An efficient ballistics calculator backs responsible hunting.

The calculator considers factors involving weapon profile as well as environmental factors like wind, humidity, temperature, etc., to determine the exact ballistics requirements for a successful shot.

The range is also considered in this regard. As a result, hunters are able to make expert long-distance shots without any problem.

Many enthusiasts want to record their hunting trips, including their aims and hits. This helps them review their strategy later. This ATN ThOR scope eliminates the need to buy separate recording cameras and provides built-in stream recording features. The recorded video is saved on the SD card on the scope or it is sent to the phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

To make matters even more convenient, the scope also includes the option for recoil-activated videos. This prevents the hassle of turning the video on every time you take your aim; rather, the RAV automatically starts recording a video before and after you take the shot. All you have to do is focus on your game and let the scope take care of the rest.

ATN Radar is another unique feature that many hunters will appreciate. If you are hunting in a team and want to spread out, the ATN scopes connect to the hunters’ phones via Wi-Fi and provide their locations in real-time.

Different team members can see where other members are. You can also use the radar to lock the target on an animal while the team spreads out to cover all corners. The distance from the animal to each hunter is also visible on the radar’s map.

The scope can operate through temperature ranges of -20°F to +120°F/-28°C to 48°C. It also has recoil resistance to prevent any bruising to the hunter. Plus, its long battery life can last for up to 16+ hours with every charge.

Issues and Limitations

One of the major limiting factors of these thermal-sensitive rifle scopes is their price. They lie towards the higher end of the price spectrum, which is why they are not readily affordable for all hunters out there.

Moreover, looking through distant bushes with this scope might be a bit of a struggle at first. The thermal signals might be a little tricky to pick because of all the bush cover.

Bottom Line

This is one of the most high-performing rifle scopes out there. It has some of the most robust technologies that combine to bring the unbeatable performance that ATN is normally known for.

All in all, those looking to bring a serious upgrade to their hunting games and have some money to spare will find this model to live up to their expectations. 

2. Best For Easy Range Finding: ATN Thor-HD 384

atn thor thermal scope

Shot accuracy, crisp HD display and a smooth zoom – what more could we ask for, right? The ATN ThOR HD 384 ensures maximum utility and exceptional performance for its users.


  • A 384x288 sensor gives superior performance under all conditions.
  • A ballistic calculator helps take expert shots.
  • A smart range finder determines the distance between the target and the hunter for exact ballistics.
  • Smooth zoom allows magnifying the field to zoom in on the target without losing the point of focus.
  • Upgradeable firmware allows hunters to record their trips using tablets or smartphones as viewfinders.


  • The battery cover is situated in an inconvenient place and comes in the way with long rifles.

Our Review

On a hunting trip, you want to get as much help as possible. While working through experience is the most common practice, several technological options enhance the working of a hunter.

The ATN ThOR HD 384 has built-in technology features that help any hunter using it secure the shot with calculated ballistics.

One of the most useful features in this thermal scope is the built-in rangefinder. The smart rangefinder sends out a laser and measures the time it takes for it to come back.

The rangefinder then uses this data to determine the distance between the hunter and the target. Such calculations prove especially helpful for long-range shots. With these features, hunters greatly improve the accuracy of their shots.

Like our previous pick, the ATN ThOR 384 also has a ballistics calculator. The calculator works under all sorts of circumstances to determine the exact ballistic calculations required to make the perfect shot. The performance is not affected by rain, wind, humidity, or fog.

Furthermore, you will find an angle of view measuring 12 x 9.5, which is wide enough to give a clear and uncut view of the field.

The scope also has a smooth zoom that helps you magnify and zoom in on the target without losing focus. If you want to have a closer look at the target, you can easily zoom in on it without disturbing the point of focus or losing the target from the viewfinder in the process.

This scope supports video recording, including recoil-activated software. You can upgrade the firmware used in the scope to enhance performance or fix any bugs. You can also connect the scope to smartphones or tablets via Wi-Fi and use their screen as the viewfinder.

Issues and Limitations

The design of the scope might make it a little difficult to adjust on longer rifles. Plus, the battery pack might come in the way of the bolt of long rifles. Also, without an SD card, users cannot perform firmware upgrades.

Bottom Line

The rangefinder and smooth zoom are very useful features for a hunter when out in the field. Those struggling with the accuracy of shots due to issues in range finding will find this ATN ThOR 384 scope very useful.

Also, hunters who play under varying conditions will make good use of the ballistics calculator that would give them accurate recommendations under all sorts of weather conditions.

atn thor thermal scope

Beginners, as well as professionals could use this ATN ThOR scope. The simple controls and phenomenal performance would be a game-changer for those who want to learn more about hunting as well as those who want to move to better equipment.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The heat detection sensor has advanced technology and could be used in dense fog, vegetation, and smoke.
  • Ultra-low power consumption makes the battery last longer.
  • Simple and uncomplicated functioning makes it usable for beginners as well.
  • One-shot zero function zeroes the rifle in no time.


  • The visuals through the scope might freeze after constant use for many hours.

Our Review

A lot of hobbyists only practice shooting or go out for a hunt once in a while. It does not seem necessary to invest in expensive scopes for occasional use.

A good-quality scope with the necessary features and a simplified version does the job beautifully in these circumstances. For such users, the ATN Thermal Rifle Scope w/10+hrs Battery is a great choice. 

This particular ATN thermal rifle scope is very lightweight. It weighs only 1.4 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around, especially if you don’t have specialized gear bags like professional hunters do.

The lightness of the scope makes the hunter more agile and flexible as well. Such features matter greatly when you intend to spend the whole day or night out in the field carrying your weapons.

The scope is made using aluminum alloy which gives it strength and durability. Aluminum alloy is resistant to damage due to operational abuse and also does not corrode. Moreover, it is resistant to damage that harsh recoils might cause through higher caliber weapons.

The functioning of the scope is quite simple and relatively uncomplicated. The magnification ranges from 3x to 6x which is sufficient for most field conditions, and it is easy to navigate through. The detection sensor is built on advanced technology and is quite sharp so the heat signals from any animal are picked readily.

Another feature that makes using this scope so convenient is the one-shot zeroing. If you want to zero your rifle, all you have to do is bring the zero reticle to the first point of impact and that’s it. There are no complicated steps involved that might waste time or ammunition.

As far as battery life is concerned, a built-in Li-ion battery that could run up to 10+ hours in one charge powers up this scope. ATN has designed this scope to consume minimum power so that the battery can last longer.

Comfortable eye relief and easy-to-reach buttons that are characteristic features of ATN are also available in this model.

This is one of the most affordable ATN scopes available. It offers superior-quality features that bring accuracy to the hunting game.

With the break in price barrier, now almost anyone looking for an ATN scope can enjoy one. The scope supports a three-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers repairs and damages as well.

Issues and Limitations

The customer service is a bit hard to reach if you have any claims or queries. Also, if you use the scope continuously without rest for some time; the image might freeze.

Bottom Line

Not everyone wants to use heavy tech scopes. Some prefer simple scopes with reliable performance and uncomplicated designs.

This ATN thermal scope is not only relatively easy to operate but it is also one of the most affordable ATN thermal scopes, similar to the ATN ThOR LT scope. If anyone wants to see ATN scopes' performance without spending too much, they will find this scope suiting to their needs.

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Right ATN ThOR

There are multiple different options of scopes available on the market. But not every scope will be satisfactory for your needs. There is a range of ATN ThOR thermal scopes to cater to the needs and requirements of different users.

However, some ground factors govern the choice of thermal scopes. Assessing your needs based on these factors will help users make a more informed and customized decision.

Below are some main factors you should consider to choose the right ATN ThOR rifle scope for yourself.

Detection Range:

One of the foremost things to look at is the scope’s detection range. Some hunters want small-range scopes for hunting animals like wild hogs in their backyards.

Others require long-range scopes that can provide a clear view of a vast field. Entry-level ATN ThOR scopes, like most other entry-level scopes, usually provide a detection range of up to 1000 yards.

Such a range deems sufficient for short to medium-range shooting. Higher-end scopes for large fields, mountain areas, forests, etc., can detect an animal's presence in the range of up to 4000 yards.

Other than the detection range, the size and difference in thermal radiations of the target and the background also determine how well the target is identified.

If you are mostly wanting to hunt in the backyard or in neighborhood hunting sites, then a beginner scope or any scope with a detection range of around 1000 to 2000 yards will suffice. For broader ground coverage, you will have to invest in scopes with a greater range.

Zoom Power:

The magnification power of the scope lets you zoom in on the target without moving to get closer. Objects at a distance are enlarged by magnifying the field of view.

Thermal scopes come with a range of magnifications that they support. Lighter and easily portable scopes usually provide a magnification power of up to 5x, while higher-end scopes can magnify the image up to 10x. 

However, you must keep in mind that with higher magnification, the image's resolution may fall. At higher magnifications, the image might appear to have dense pixels, and in some cases; it might even be a little blurry.

Higher magnification of up to 10x is used in large fields or vast terrains. For short to medium-range shooting, 5x to 8x magnification scopes will suffice. For a longer range, you might want to go for 10x magnification or above.

Resolution of the Sensor:

Your performance and the accuracy of the shot depend heavily on how well you see the target through the scope. The resolution of the sensor controls the image quality.

The higher the resolution, the better the image, and the clearer the view. Thermal scopes with high-resolution sensors are expensive but worth the price.

Size and Weight:

ATN Corp ThOR scopes vary in size and weight. However, they are not very heavy to carry around. Mostly, scopes equipped with multiple technologies are slightly heavier and longer. Scopes with a wider and longer detection range use longer lenses, which greatly adds to the size and weight.

Your requirements will determine the type of scope that will best suit you. It might be lighter for short to medium-range shooting or heavier for long-range shooting.

Another thing to consider is that the scope should not be too heavy to carry around. If you want to spend the whole day or night out in the field, the scope should be portable enough for easy transition to different places.

Holding straps can be attached to the rifle and slung across the shoulder to make carrying the load of the rifle and the scope easier.

Also, make sure that the scope you buy fits easily on the rifle. In longer rifles, their bolts might come in the way of the scope’s position. Before settling on a scope, be sure that the dimensions are compatible with the rifle’s size.

Reticle Options

Reticles can be quite useful in enhancing the accuracy of shots. They appear as lines in the scope’s view and align the target with the rifle's trajectory.

There are several options of reticles available in thermal scopes. These include fine and duplicate crosshairs; Mil-Dot, Circle, and target dot, etc.

In ATN ThOR scopes, multiple reticle options are available but a smart Mil-Dot reticle is usually used. This reticle is dynamic and adjusts accordingly with the change in magnification.

Moreover, you can program to change the distance between the hash marks in the Mil-Dot reticle yourself as well. Increasing the Mil number will make the hash marks more distant, providing a lesser saturated view.

The ballistics calculator also lets the user know where to place the reticle to maximize the success of the shot.

Color Options:

There are multiple color options available for reticles as well. Black and red are the popular choices. The red reticle is sharp and easily detectable; especially during the day.

The black reticle also proves quite useful in thermal scopes as it distinguishably appears among all the temperature colors. Red might not be the best color option for a reticle in thermal imaging as it might get lost among similar colors in thermal sensing.

ATN ThOR has multiple color options for reticles available. However, you should ask the dealer or customer services if a particular type of scope supports the color you require. 

Other Features (battery life):

The battery life is a very important consideration, especially for extended hunting trips. You do not want to be stranded in hunting grounds at night without a charged scope.

ATN ThOR scopes have good battery life. Some use disposable batteries like AA batteries, while others are rechargeable and have built-in batteries. Optimally, the scope should be able to run to up to 10 hours at least on one charge or more than 50 hours on one set of rechargeable batteries.

atn thermal scopes

How to Use the ATN Thermal Scope

It is quite easy to use an ATN Thermal scope once you get a hold of the working after consulting the user manual. There are some buttons present at the top of the scope.

Firstly, press the power button once to turn on the scope. Then, the left arrow button takes a picture while the right arrow button is to start or stop video recording. 

The button at the bottom is used to activate the rangefinder, while the button in the middle is used to confirm any action from the menu. Left and right keys are also used to navigate through the menu when it is open.

Pressing the power button down for a couple of seconds turns off the scope. In case the scope freezes, you can press the button down for 15-20 seconds until it restarts.

On the right-hand side of the scope is a wheel-like knob. This is used to zoom in or out of the image that appears in the scope. The left side has the slots for the micro SD card and USB Type-C port.

The SD card stores pictures and videos as well as updates the firmware. The Type-C port connects to the charger. At the back of the scope, there’s a diopter. This is used to adjust the eyesight for clear vision in case the user does not have 6/6 eyesight.

The diopter is rotated until the image becomes crisp and clear. The focus adjustment ring in the front adjusts the focus of the image at different distances.

In order to calibrate the scope, you need to give it a full round in the direction of all three axes.

Once you turn on the scope and look through it, press the home button once to open the settings menu. The settings menu has two modes (basic and advanced) that you can select based on your requirement.

Select the modes by navigating using the arrow buttons and press the center button when you arrive at the desired option. The basic mode has baseline settings like contrast, reticle, systems settings, etc., while the advanced mode has specified settings like a viewfinder, ballistic calculator, and nuke, etc.

The Pros and Cons of the ATN Thermal Scopes

ATN thermal scopes have been hailed as a great introduction in the world of rifle optics. They are high-performing and packed with plenty of unique and useful features. Accompanying all these amazing features; there are a few cons as well. 


Variety of features

Every ATN ThOR scope carries a variety of special features that make the use of the rifle easy and fun. Built-in rangefinder, ballistics calculator, radar connectivity, etc., are features that will truly bring convenience to your working and enhance your performance.

Long battery life: 

All ATN ThOR scopes have at least 10+ hours of battery life. One charge is sufficient to last a busy day of hunting, while one change of battery set is enough to power your scope over a span of two to three days. Charging the scope is also quite easy. All you have to do is either change the batteries or connect the scope to a charger and the charger to a wall socket.

Video recording: 

Another amazing feature of ATN ThOR scopes is their ability to take pictures and record videos. This feature saves users a lot of hassle of buying separate recording equipment, installing it on the rifle, and operating it independently. ATN recorders have the ability to automatically start and stop video recording via the recoil-activated video feature.



With a combination of robust features comes a hefty price. Most ATN scopes are pricier than their competitive counterparts; however, their quality and performance are worth the money. Some options can serve as entry-level scopes by ATN. These are available at affordable prices.

Thermal images are a bit hard to understand: 

Generally, the images developed by thermal sensors are hard to understand. This is because there are many colors on the screen, and it takes some practice to recognize different color patterns. This makes working with thermal scopes a bit technical at the start.

thor 4 thermal scope


Is it possible to use ATN ThOr during the day?

Yes, the ATN ThOR 384 could be used during the daytime or in the presence of sunlight. In fact, you could use it throughout the day. However, for the best performance, you should use the brightest screen settings during the daytime for clear and clean images.

Final Verdict

We believe that the ATN Thor 4 is the best ATN ThoR thermal scope on the market at the moment. Despite its high price, it is loaded with useful features that are bound to increase the accuracy of the shots and subsequently; the success of your hunting trips. 

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