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ir ear thermometer

Bella Vita Infrared Ear Thermometer Review

Measuring the temperature with accuracy demands a reliable and convenient thermometer. Being a medicine cabinet essential, thermometers can come in handy to check the temperature in case you suspect a fever or any other health concern.

 Whether you’re at the clinic or at home, a good thermometer has all the features to make it practical, accurate, and fast in any circumstance. One such thermometer is the Bella Vita Infrared Ear Thermometer.

This thermometer boasts a sleek design featuring a simple one-handed functionality. It has a probe to facilitate its multipurpose usage and accuracy in taking readings.

 The infrared non-contact technology in the Bella Vita Thermometer explains its high demand during the COVID pandemic.

Infrared thermometers approved by the FDA can measure temperatures based on the IR rays emitted from a distance with high accuracy.

 It is perfect for measuring both ear and forehead temperatures in children and adults, respectively. You’ll be surprised to know that you can also use it as a

thermal imager to measure the temperatures of surrounding objects.

Being a potentially safe and non-invasive device for measuring temperatures, the Bella Vita thermometer is battery-operated to avoid hassle for emergency usage.

It automatically powers off within 10 seconds of no activity, so you don’t need to worry about the battery being drained.

The sound feature and backlight color are also useful indicators of the thermometer’s functioning and your body’s temperature.

That’s not all. The high-definition LCD screen promises durability and a clear view of the temperatures and modes.

 Your choice of mode, mute/unmute feature, temperature unit, memory feature, battery indicator, and temperature value are all visibly displayed on the screen, so that you don’t find it hard and time-taking to become accustomed to this thermometer.

The device comes with vast features that have impressed customers. Separate buttons line the side of the device that allow the user to toggle between adult/child mode and choose the ear/forehead/object measuring mode.

You can also click on the memory button on the opposite side just below the unit switching button. Moreover, the probe cover offers protection to the sensors and minimizes contamination.

Moreover, the Bella Vita thermometer wins major points for having a memory recall feature that distinguishes it from its competitors.

This enables the device to show you the last ten readings taken, which can offer a statistical analysis of the temperature in case of any health issue.

 The unit can be altered between Celsius and Fahrenheit, depending on what suits your preference.

A beeping feature alerts the user if the body temperature is normal or lies out of the desired range.

Accuracy and instant results are two prompting features that make a thermometer a best-seller in the market.

 While the Bella Vita thermometer can measure ear and forehead temperatures, you can also use it to check the temperature of various surfaces or objects, like hot milk or water, etc.

Featuring a non-contact mechanism, this thermometer is best adapted to record temperatures in little children within no time at all.

Ensuring accurate and spontaneous results, it has a massive edge for measuring ear temperatures in squirmy kids. Forehead and ear temperatures can also be monitored in adults instantly. 

Pros and Cons of the Bella Vita IR Ear Thermometer


  • Professional accuracy guaranteeing fool proof readings
  •  Instant display of temperature within one second
  • Microchip processor allows faster induction for precise measurements
  • Non-contact probe minimizes spread of infections
  • Multipurpose usage for recording ear, forehead, or surface temperature
  • Suited for both adults and children
  • Features a memory recall setting
  • Sound and backlight color indicators enhance convenience
  • Replaceable batteries improve longevity
  • Boasts a user-friendly and sleek design
  • Easy understanding of the instructions


  • Cannot be used to measure temperatures on any other body parts (except ear and forehead)
  • Probe tip can lose accuracy and sensitivity if scratched
  • Hard objects can damage the lens
  • Displays an error if the ambient temperature is out of range
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable in case of ear inflammations or infections

Unique Features

ir ear thermometer

With multiple features packed into one single device, the Bella Vita thermometer tops the list when it comes to infrared thermometers.

 The undeniable accuracy paired up with the multi-functionality makes this thermometer a household necessity for checking temperatures. Some notable features include:

Accurate and Instant Recordings

If you’re in search of accuracy and precision, you just can’t go wrong with this thermometer.

It measures extremely specific temperatures with little room for errors, allowing only a variation of 0.2°C for ear and forehead temperatures and a resolution of 0.1°C.

 The device delivers instantaneous results in one second so that you don’t have to struggle to check fever in fidgeting and irritable kids.

Variable Modes

The Bella Vita thermometer is a complete package featuring high usability for people in every age group. It serves its purpose in adults, teenagers, and little children aging three months to three years. For accurate recordings, one can opt for the safer ear mode in kids, but the forehead mode is just as beneficial in adults too.

You can also use it to point the probe at any object, and it will let you know the temperature. 

Infrared Non-Contact Technology

When many members of a family have to use a thermometer, non-contact ones are always an optimal choice. They limit the risks of cross-infection because the probe doesn’t touch anyone’s body.

 So, how exactly do these infrared thermometers work? The sensors in the probe detect infrared rays emitted from the skin and object surfaces that are focused by a lens to give a digital reading by the thermopiles, so it’s pretty non-invasive!

Sound and Memory Feature

Keeping track of your child’s fever over time might seem like a hard job. But don’t worry; the Bella Vita thermometer can retain the last 20 temperatures owing to the memory feature.

Another great hit of this equipment is the beeping sound that alerts one if their temperature lies within the normal range. You can mute the thermometer, which is helpful when dealing with a cranky or sleepy kid.


This thermometer is designed such that everyone can adapt to its usage while making the most out of its features. The LCD screen offers clarity and a large digital display of the temperature.

 The backlight is also an innovative addition that serves its purpose in case of poorly-illuminated rooms or if you’re recording the temperature in the middle of the night.

An ergonomic design gives the thermometer a good hand fit and makes it easy to clean.

Comparing Bella Vita IR Ear Thermometer with Similar Variant

Although the marketplace is flooding with different infrared thermometers, the Bella Vita steals the limelight with its versatility and definite precision.

Manufacturers have certainly put a lot of thought into this product. Why do we say this? First up, this medical device is highly user-friendly and easily comprehensible by a layman.

 The straightforward functioning, in combination with its sophisticated design, makes it a crowd-pleaser. Secondly, modern infrared technology deserves appreciation for rising above the trend of contact thermometers.

Moving on to this equipment's performance, you’ll see how it tops the list in every criterion. The accuracy for measuring ear and forehead temperatures is ± 0.2°C and ± 1.0°C for inanimate objects.

 With a high resolution of ± 0.1°C, it can measure any temperature lying within 35°C-42°C for body temperatures and up to 100 °C in object mode. This accuracy contributes to making this thermometer highly reliable for everyday use to make the safest health choices for you and your family.

Other notable aspects are the memory, sound feature, and backlight colors, which are not very popular in most thermometers. This not only boosts convenience during usage but also induces a sense of confidence in the user.

 You can keep track of the last 20 readings and make the most out of the color indicators in a dark room.

Yes, many thermometers feature the sound option, but the Bella Vita thermometer is unique owing to a mute option. This is helpful to avoid waking others at night while checking their fever.  

Issues & Concerns

infrared ear thermometer

Despite its plethora of benefits, you might still have some questions about the Bella Vita Infrared Thermometer. Here are a few concerns so that you know exactly what you’re investing in before making a purchase.

Battery Life

Running out of battery in case of urgency is one worry you can drop off your mind. The 2xAAA battery model in this thermometer is bound to last for more than 4000 measurements.

 Moreover, the auto-shutdown feature saves immense battery life when the device is not in use for 10 seconds or more. This guarantees a reliable battery life that will go a long way.

Even better, the thermometer will inform you in case the battery is running low, so you can stock up and replace the batteries within time.

Highest Temperature Measurement

With a solid resolution of 0.1°C and a remarkable ± 0.2°C accuracy, this thermometer is fit for measuring temperatures lying within 35°C -42°C.

 Hence, it will show the highest recording up to 42.2°C, which is ideal for identifying severe cases of fever in your child.

This range is drastically increased while checking objects or surface temperatures from 0°C to as high as 100°C.

Error Display on LCD

Many people get confused regarding the error information. The thermometer will show an error when the surrounding temperature is out of the normal range, i.e., higher than 40°C or lower than 10°C.

This indicates that you should leave the thermometer to adjust to ambient room temperature before usage.

Storage and Transportation

For maximum safety and protection, be sure to pack the thermometer in a pouch or case to avoid contamination, water exposure, shock, or damage during transportation.

 Store it in a cool, dry, and ventilated room with low humidity and make sure the ambient temperatures are normal.

Care and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and care of any device enhance its longevity and delivers better results. The same applies to the Bella Vita Infrared Ear Thermometer.

 You’ll have to be particularly cautious about certain aspects when cleaning and storing this medical equipment

Even though the thermometer operates through a non-contact method, it's always good to be on the safe side. Clean the body with a slightly damp cloth, and use a soft cloth for the probe.

 Make sure to keep water away from the lens and only clean it with cotton swabs. It is also preferable to use a disinfectant, but only for as little as 1 minute, and it should be limited only to the thermometer's body.

Prevent the entry of water into the thermometer, and make sure not to use any hard or scratchy objects that can result in faulty readings.

 Avoid using corrosive and harsh chemicals that can damage the probe’s surface. Don’t expose the device to sunlight or UV rays; rather, a cool and airy environment is perfect to avoid the spread of dust and contamination.


ir ear thermometer

If you receive a faulty purchase or any kind of damage inflicted on your device, the brand manufacturers offer a warranty policy to repair, replace, or refund the product.


  • Internal power supply
  • AAA x 2 battery model
  • Continuous operating mode at DC 3V
  • LCD digital display
  • 1 second measuring time
  • 3 seconds latency time
  • ±0.2°C accuracy (for ear and forehead mode)
  • Measuring range lies between 35.0°C and 42.2°C (for ear and forehead mode)
  • Memory record for 20 readings
  • Automatic power off within 10 seconds of no activity
  • 149.3x38.1x43.4mm dimensions
  • Weighs 86.7g, including batteries
  • Operating temperature is 10°C-40°C
  • Operating humidity is 15%-95% RH
  • Operating a tm pressure is 86-106kPa

Where to Buy

With all the features combined, the Bella Vita thermometer definitely lives up to its price and is worth buying.

 To sum up, it holds great significance for touch-free temperature monitoring in babies, adults, and objects. You can buy it here. 

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