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mastercraft thermal imager

Mastercraft Thermal Imager Review

Thermal imaging thermometers and devices have been becoming more and more popular due to their smart non-invasive technology.

They also allow you to detect problems that were previously hard or costly to detect.

The Mastercraft Thermal Imager is a perfect example of such a device.

It has many unique features that make it stand out from the bunch including 3 image modes, plenty of storage and a flashlight.

This Mastercraft imager will help you instantly detect thermal, water leakage and electrical problems and by viewing temperatures differences on any surface .

All in all, this is a powerful mid-range thermal imager suited for many needs.  And the price is right.

Pros and Cons

mastercraft thermal imager


  • Accurate and precise readings
  • Has a flashlight feature
  • 3 imaging modes
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a hard body carry case and cut-out foam insert for protection


  • Somewhat limited thermal range
  • Can only read surface temperature
  • No video option

Unique Features

mastercraft thermal imager

Why should you buy the Mastercraft thermal imager when there are so many options in the market? 

In this section we'll discuss how the Mastercraft Thermal Imager stands out from the competition and why we recommend it.

Instant Detection

Thermal readouts are immediate - just point it at the surface you are trying to inspect and the display will display hot and cold patterns.

Image Modes

This thermal imaging thermometer has three imaging modes: visual mode, thermal mode, and a blended visual and thermal mode.

This means you can identify exactly where the problem seems to lie with considerable ease and then proceed with an adequate course of action. 

Moreover, all of this is on a large screen of 2.8 inches or seven centimeters. 

Adjustable Settings

mastercraft thermal imager

The Mastercraft thermal images has adjustable emissivity, temperature range, color bar, and language settings.

Which lets you tune the thermometer to your liking and in a manner that serves you best.


This flexible imager is perfect for inspecting homes and commercial / industrial settings for water leaks and HVAC issues.

Alternatively, you can use it to check the performance of electrical components, for example, in the engine of your car or the air conditioner.

Storage Space

This thermal imager has a rather large onboard storage of 64 MB.

Moreover, there is a slot for an SD card. 

Issues & Concerns

mastercraft thermal imager

Some common problems you might come across include:

Problems in Detecting Heat Patterns

Sometimes, the camera may not be able to detect heat signatures and differences as well as we would like it to.

It doesn’t always mean that your device is malfunctioning and could just need to be calibrated and set up properly. 

Whip out the instruction manual and go through the settings menu so that you know how to fix the sensitivity.


Infrared thermometers, in general, can be influenced by the weather conditions they are operating in.

In very high temperatures, since most surfaces emit heat, it can be hard to tell if there is a problem or not as everything just glows red. 

In moist settings or rainy weather, the range of your camera may get disturbed.

Care and Maintenance

mastercraft thermal imager

This is not a high-maintenance product. Just store it in a cool, dry place and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Since it has a rather compact design, you can easily fit it in small enclosed spaces and is handy for traveling too.

To clean it, just use a damp cloth to gently wipe the exterior of the device.

To clean the lens, take a lint-free piece of cloth, dip it in some alcohol-based solution and then squeeze out the excess. With gentle circular motions, clean the surface of the lens. 

If you feel like it needs further cleaning, don’t use the same piece of cloth; use a new one.


This product comes with a three-year repair-or-replace warranty.

If your device experiences a manufacturing problem, then the company will take responsibility for it.

They will either replace your product or repair it for you. 

However, this does not include any damages that the device caused by improper use and and careless handling.


  • Thermal display resolution: 12X16 pixel array (interpolated)
  • Storage temperature: -10 to 50 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F)
  • Object temperature range: -20 to 300C
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C (32 to 104 degrees F)
  • Field of view (FOV) of 12X16 array: 40 degrees horizontal
  • Camera: 300K Pixel digital camera
  • LCD resolution: 320X240 pixels
  • Internal memory: 64Mbit (x8) NAND flash
  • LCD size: 2.8 VGA LCD
  • Power supply: 4x “AA” batteries
  • Max. Relative humidity: 85%

Mastercraft Maximum Alarm

mastercraft thermal imager

Mastercraft is a trusted name in the market, and it has introduced quite a few quality products. The Mastercraft Maximum Infrared Thermometer is one of them. 

This infrared non-contact thermometer does a great job of recording ambient temperature, surface temperature, and dew point / mildew temperature.  

This unit is equipped with an indicator light above the display that alerts you to preset variances in temperature. 

It has an ergonomic, comfortable grip and can be used in multiple settings like auto maintenance or cooking temperatures.

The Mastercraft Maximum has a useful response time of ≤0.8 seconds and an adjustable emissivity of 0.1 to 1.0. 

Moreover, the two most critical features of an infrared thermometer are well taken care of in this model: Distance-to-Spot Ratio and temperature range. 

While the former has a ratio of 12:1, the latter has a reading of -40C°-600C° (-40℉ - 111℉)- both well above an typical infrared thermometer.

Where to Buy

For the latest price on the Mastercraft Thermal Imager, shop here.

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