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ir hunter mkii

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 Thermal Riflescope Review

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 is a powerful lightweight rifle scope designed for experienced hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement because of its high reliability and powerful thermal imaging capability.

Weighing just 34.9 oz, The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect companion for all your hunting expeditions.

It is made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, making it highly durable, while the ergonomic turret controls make it easy to use and maneuver.

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope has a focal length of 35mm and a frame rate of 30 Hz/60 Hz.

It features advanced thermal imaging with a sensor resolution of 640x480 and a magnification of 2.5x.

It also has an 8x digital zoom that allows you to reach different magnifications quickly and enhances the Minute of Angle or MOA accuracy.

Plus, the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope offers various reticle options, including the classic crosshair, 300BLK BDC, .223 REM, .308 WIN, and the new MRAD.

This advanced riflescope boasts an Edge Detect Mode that gives you a detailed view of your target using minimal brightness to highlight the image on your display screen.

Plus, with the 3 levels of white-hot and black hot, you can choose the perfect level of polarity for your hunting target. The digital OLED display takes approximately 5 seconds to start.

In addition, the Digital Focus Control (DFC) sharpens your overall frame with extreme precision and allows you to focus the image to the ideal setting.

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope requires 2 CR123 batteries that last approximately two hours. The top-loading battery compartment makes it easy to change batteries and results in a slimmer riflescope.

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope comes with a levered mount, hard case, LENSPEN, shuttered eye guard, and a warranty card.

Pros and Cons

ir hunter mkii


  • Fast controls
  • Lots of functionality
  • Manual focus can be adjusted
  • New mounting options
  • Advanced image quality
  • Enhanced durability
  • 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Redesigned top-loading batteries


  • Expensive
  • Does not recognize objects with erratic temperatures

Unique Features

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 offers many unique and advanced features that provide you with a great hunting experience. These include:

Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR)

The ETR or Enhanced Target Recognition is an innovative technology that focuses on your target and adjusts the display area to give you a highly detailed image.

The ETR ensures that you are not presented with a washed-out image or a bright contrast around the display screen.

Edge Detect Mode

ir hunter mkii

The Edge Detect Mode of the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 sets it apart from other thermal riflescopes.

This advanced feature gives an optimal view of your target by using a fraction of the brightness that other models offer to minimize night blindness after your hunt.

In certain hunting situations, you require the display screen to be very dim, and the Edge Detect Mode facilitates you in these situations by delivering a 90% black screen with only the target highlighted in white.

Digital Focus Control (DFC)

The DFC or Digital Focus Control of the MK2 riflescope allows you to focus on your target precisely and sharpen the overall picture on your screen for optimal results.

MAXPOL Polarity - White Hot/Black Hot

Unlike most thermal riflescopes, the Trijicon MK2 features a new and improved MAXPOL polarity that has 3 levels of white-hot and black hot settings.

This way, you can choose the ideal level of polarity depending on your specific hunting expedition.

8X Digital Zoom

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 has an 8x digital zoom that lets you zoom into your target quickly and results in an enhanced Minute of Angle or MOA accuracy.

12 Micron Technology

The 12-micron technology promises durability. Plus, because of the smaller image sensors, the MK2 has a lower weight and compact size. 

Thermal Imaging Quality

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The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 delivers extremely high-quality thermal imaging quality with the help of its 35mm focal length, 680x480 thermal sensor, and 8-12 microns spectral response.

These features result in superior hunting vision during the day and even in complete darkness.

IR Window Lens Protection

A solid and replaceable IR window protects the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 lens from dust particles and other elements.


The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 is waterproof to 1 meter and ensures crisp and clean imaging through heavy rain and fog without resulting in any scratches or wear and tear.

New And Improved Reticle Options

The Trijicon IR Hunter thermal riflescope offers you various reticle options, including MOA, .308 WIN, .223 REM, 300BLK BDC, the classic crosshair, and the new MRAD.

Redesigned Battery Compartment

The Trijicon MK2 riflescope features a top-loading battery compartment that promises durability and gives it a slimmer and sleek look.

Ergonomic Turret Controls

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The new and improved intuitive turret controls of the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 can be quickly mounted on your rifle and easily adjusted to access menu options. The turrets also promise a faster response.

Mounting Versatility

The single-level mount features the Trijicon Q-LOC Technology that allows you to secure your scope smoothly and release it quickly. Plus, this mounting versatility gives you the option of using the riflescope in multiple locations.

Increased Functionality

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 comes with a USB-C connector that features an external battery pack.

This added function lets you download both digital and analog video with an adaptor, and it is also compatible with DVRs.

The Science of Brilliant Principles

Trijicon uses The Science of Brilliant innovation, consisting of 3 main principles: a unique heritage of innovation, industry-leading durability, and a commitment to craftsmanship.

Under this innovation, a few essential testing procedures are carried out to ensure that your Trijicon MK2 thermal riflescope has unmatched quality. These tests include:

  • Shock & Vibration Testing: All Trijicon products are tested for potential shocks, including the IR Hunter MK2. This ensures that your riflescope can withstand extreme vibrations without malfunctioning.
  • Immersion Testing: The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 is immersion tested with dry nitrogen, which means it is designed to endure harsh weather and environmental conditions without resulting in fogging, leaks or damage.
  • Alaska-to-Africa Temperature Testing: The Alaska-to-Africa temperature test is a shock test performed on the thermal riflescope with temperatures ranging between -20°F and 140°F. This test ensures the protection of your riflescope in the harshest conditions.
  • Solid Zero Testing: The solid zero test is performed on the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 after 1,000-5000 successive rounds to ensure that there’s no shift in the reticle and that the precision and quality are maintained.
  • Drop Testing: The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 is drop tested to check for strength and durability so that you get an overall solid product that does not need to be repaired or returned.

Issues & Concerns

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While the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope presents many advantages and comes with various innovative features, it has a few drawbacks.


The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 promises optimal performance while hunting, which is why it is more expensive than other options out there.

You can find reasonable thermal riflescopes ranging between $1500 and $4000, whereas the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 35mm thermal riflescope costs much more than that.


The Trijicon MK2 may be brilliantly crafted, but it does have its limitations. While it offers detailed imaging and improved features, it is difficult for the riflescope to comprehend objects with inconsistent or erratic temperatures. This is because of different radiations and reflections from various surfaces.

Potential Damage

While using the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2, you must try not to point your open lens directly towards the sun or a laser radiation source because it negatively impacts the precision of the thermal imager.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 is pretty simple.

To clean the lens, start by tilting your riflescope. Use compressed air aerosols to dust off any debris on the surface, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in a mild glass or car wax cleaner.

To avoid scratches and other damage, try not to use your shirt, tissue, paper towels, or strong cleaning fluid to clean the lens.

Keep a cleaning kit handy while hunting so that you can clean your thermal riflescope if it is exposed to dust particles or other elements.

After each use, we also recommend that you cover the lens adequately with the shutter eye guard and store your riflescope in the hard case included in your purchase to ensure smooth functioning for years to come.


If you experience any issues with your IR Hunter thermal riflescope, the brand offers an excellent warranty and return policy that you can take advantage of.

All you need to do is simply fill out the online warranty registration form on the Trijicon website and submit it for approval.

Trijicon then assesses your warranty claim, evaluates the extent of damage to the product, and provides factory services accordingly.

Remember that the warranty applies only to faulty parts and manufacturer defects to the optical system, which you can claim within 3 years of your purchase.

Trijicon is not liable for any damage caused to the illumination structure or damage due to improper handling of the thermal riflescope.

Plus, if you wish to return your Trijicon thermal riflescope for any reason, you must do so within 6 months of your purchase.


  • Dimensions: 7.4 in (L) x 3.1 in (W) x 2.9 in (H)
  • Weight: 34.9 oz
  • Magnification: 2.5x
  • Focal length: 35mm
  • Frame rate: 30 Hz/60Hz
  • Field of view: 12 degrees
  • Mount: Single lever
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Material: 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Illumination source: LED
  • Power source: 2 CR123 batteries
  • Battery life: Approximately 2 hours per battery
  • Night Reticle Color: Black/White adaptive
  • Day Reticle Color: Black/White adaptive
  • Digital zoom: 8X
  • Sensor resolution: 640x480
  • Video output: Analog RS-170 (with optional cable)

Where to Buy

You can order the Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 thermal riflescope from the manufacturer’s website or on OpticsPlanet.

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