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Thermal Video of the Year: 10 Best Thermal Imaging Clips Ever!

Thermal cameras sure do provide a lot of cool and fun clips for people to view. Ever since these cameras rose in popularity, the internet is flooded with cool videos of them showing different fun events recorded through the thermal lens of these cameras.

The fun part about these videos is that you can watch them anytime you want and laugh over the interesting experience. Here we provide some gags for you, with 10 of the best thermal imaging clips ever. Go through these videos and enjoy the fun side of thermal imaging cameras for yourself:

1. Best Thermal Video Ever?

Videos from thermal imaging cameras do not get better than this one. It’s one thing to be peeing out in the public, and another to throw caution to the wind simultaneously. This thermal imaging camera video records the antics of a man who is probably using all holes within this body to emit gasses and liquids of all sorts. This surely is our best thermal video of the year.

2. Life in Thermal

This thermal imaging camera video looks at your life through a thermal lens. This sure is one of our best thermal imaging videos, as it adds a new perspective to how you live your life, and the way you transfer and emit heat all day.

3. Champagne and Thermal

It is always fun and classy to open a bottle of champagne and send the cork rolling over to some other part of the room or galaxy. Well, this video captures this exquisite moment on a thermal camera and records it for viewing gold.

4. Public Farts

Seeing or smelling people fart in public is never pretty, but there is something about this thermal video that will leave you in gags. The thermal camera set in this public setting records all passing farts as pedestrians throw caution to the wind.

5. Champagne and Thermal Reignited

This video adds even more detail to the champagne video we looked at above. A glass of champagne is a must on New Year’s Eve, and this video takes you through that journey with a thermal lens. The best part is the little bubbles bursting and leaving clouds of thermal smoke.

6. Formula E in Thermal

There is nothing better than seeing some of the fastest vehicles on the globe storm by a circuit through the lens of a thermal camera. This thermal video of the year shows an interesting take on Formula E cars and their thermal brilliance.

7. Searching With Thermal Cameras

This thermal imaging video shows recovery workers looking for a lost hunter using thermal cameras. The video shot through a chopper gives an interesting perspective to the exceptional output of thermal cameras.

8. Hog Hunting

Hogs can be a real nuisance during the night when they invade crops in the South of America and lead to devastating impacts. This video shows the use of thermal imaging cameras for hog hunting. Straight out of a Nat Geo episode!

9. Screening Body Temperature

There are plenty of applications for thermal energy in the field of medical science, and this video shows how you can screen for body temperature and detect any irregularities in it.

10. Thermal Cameras and Night Vision

This amazing video looks at thermal imaging cameras and compares them to night vision scopes. The results are startling and might leave you wide eyed.

From the videos in this article, we do know that thermal imaging has a lot of properties and can be real fun to play with. All these videos are educational and give a fresh take to the already developed industry of thermal imaging cameras.

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