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Trijcon Reap-IR Mini 35 thermal riflescope

Trijicon Reap-IR Mini 35 (IRMS-35) Thermal Riflescope Review

The Trijicon Teo Reap-IR IRMS-35 is a high-end thermal riflescope with top of the line optics and military-grade build quality. It’s a great choice for hunters looking for a compact and lightweight

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flir c3

FLIR C3-X Pocket Thermal Camera Review

The FLIR C3-X pocket thermal camera makes it extremely easy to document repairs, share detailed reports with clients, and search for hidden problems.With a 5MP visual camera, 128x96 pixel thermal resolution,

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laser thermometer lowes

Avanti Infrared Thermometer Review [2022]

An infrared thermometer such as the one by Avanti is very convenient to use. Now you no longer have to make contact with any eatables to get their temperature; simply point and click to get the most accurate

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trijicon ir hunter mkiii 60mm

Trijicon IR hunter MkIII Thermal Scope Review [2022]

Pairing your rifle with a reliable scope can help you make the most of your hunting experience. Founded in 1981, Trijicon is now considered one of the leading brands on the market.When it comes to thermal

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sig sauer scope review

Sig Sauer Echo 3 Thermal Scope Review

A thermal scope is considered one of the most crucial tools in a hunter’s gear and is a popular night vision technology. It is based on the principle of thermal imaging, which essentially revolves

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night vision thermal scope

AGM Python TS50-640 Thermal Scope Review

Pairing your rifle with the right scope can take your field game to the next level.AGM, though a relatively new brand, is a tough competitor in the industry. The company distinguished itself by manufacturing

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FLIR Exx Series (E40, E50, E60)

FLIR Exx Series (E54, E76, E86, E96) – In Depth Review

FLIR EXX SeriesThe FLIR Exx-Series boasts all the features you need to detect signs of building deficiencies, find hot spots, troubleshoot mechanical systems, and prevent problems before they result in

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Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with 80 x 60 IR Resolution and MSX

FLIR Ex Series (E4, E5-XT, E6-XT, E8-XT): In Depth Reviews

The FLIR Ex-Series thermal cameras are extremely powerful thermal inspection tools for building, mechanical, and electrical applications.Boasting up to 320x240 infrared pixel thermal resolution and temperature

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sightmark photon xt 4.6 x42s

Sightmark Photon XT Night Vision Riflescope Review

NOTE: this model is no longer manufactured.The Sightmark Photon XT Night Vision Riflescope comes with several impressive features that make it an effective choice for hunting.With a sturdy glass nylon

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ir hunter mkii

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 Thermal Riflescope Review

The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2 is a powerful lightweight rifle scope designed for experienced hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement because of its high reliability and powerful thermal imaging capability.Weighing

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sightmark photon rt

Sightmark Photon RT Night Vision Riflescope Review

SummaryIf you’re looking for a budget-oriented night vision rifle scope, the Sightmark Photon RT Night Vision Riflescope is a great option.This riflescope comes with all the essential features you need

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pulsar trail xp vs xq

Pulsar XQ vs. XP: In-Depth Review and Comparison

Pulsar thermal scopes are a go-to option for many professional hunters. They are highly regarded for their top-notch quality construction and premium features.Founded in 1994, Pulsar today produces the

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Pulsar Thermion

Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Riflescope Review

SummaryIf you want to have the best field shooting experience, regardless of the weather conditions, then the Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Riflescope is a great option.The Pulsar XG50 is features tough

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perfect prime thermal camera

Perfect Prime IR281 Thermal Camera Review

The Perfect Prime IR281 is a powerful thermal inspection camera that displays clear images to help you locate issues before they become serious problems.The Perfect Prime IR281 has a clear 2.8-inch touchscreen

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nightfox 100v

Nightfox 100V vs 110R: In-Depth Review and Comparison

The Nightfox 100V and 110R are two leading night vision tools. Their advanced technology helps you view objects in low and no light conditions.Both digital night vision devices have an IR illuminator

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milwaukee thermal imager review

Milwaukee 2260-21 M12 Thermal Imager Review

While the demand for thermal imagers has dramatically escalated in the market, the Milwaukee M12 thermal imager has all the bells and whistles to take you by surprise.Milwaukee is a well-known and renowned

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leupold lto tracker 2 hd review

Leupold LTO Thermal Imaging Tracker Review

SummaryThe Leupold LTO thermal imaging tracker is a highly innovative and impressive tool. Its rugged all-aluminum construction makes it durable, and the black finish gives it a sleek look.This tracker

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IR0280 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

The PerfectPrime IR0280 Thermal Imaging Camera is a reliable diagnostic tool with excellent features that make inspections easier.The IR0280 is a handheld thermal camera that can also measure a wide range

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FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Review

Pair your hunting rifle with the FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233 Thermal Imaging scope to get better shots and a more successful hunting trip.The Pro PTS233 features a durable and lightweight aircraft aluminum

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flir scout iii 240 review

FLIR Scout III 240 Thermal Monocular Review

The FLIR Scout III 240 handheld thermal monocular is a great option for getting detailed and clear images at a high frame rate. It makes spotting games in the open field easy through its outstanding 30Hz

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